Club Asiana is flooded with our original videos. As of now we have over 1,800 bondage videos in HD. We feature constant updates throughout the week, and you can stream or download any of our videos. Bonus content includes behind the scenes, video blogs of me in high heels, pantyhose, driving in sexy street wear and strip tease videos!

We have an interactive chat so that you can chat with me, Martin and other members in real-time. You can see me streaming live while I work in the office wearing sexy outfits and heels for about 8 hours every day.

We have two live shows every month with the ability to chat with other members during the show and interact with Martin! Four LIVE streaming cams and 5 LIVE still cams allow you to sneak a peek of me in the shower, the bedroom, wearing something sexy in the office, or watch us behind the scenes while Martin ties me in the playroom!

Come on inside Club Asiana – you’ll be glad you joined!


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