My Worn Heels

Purchase a pair of my worn high heels. I have so many pair, varying in height from 5" to 6". And all are a very petite size 5 (unless they fit strange),

Here's your chance! You can get a pair of my high heels from a video. The selection of what's available is constantly being updated so that you can get something that I've worn in one of my videos. 

Once you purchase them, I will wear them all day long for you and then heat sealed!

You can browse the selection below!

My Worn 5" Fluorescent Green Heels
Here are my ultra sexy 5" fluorescent green mules. These heels have seen a lot of action, on sc..
My Worn 5" Pink Strappy Opentoe Heels
Here are my incredibly sexy 5" pink strappy opentoe heels. I LOVE these heels! I've worn them in cou..
My Worn 5" Red Opentoe Heels
Here's my sexy 5" red opentoe heels. I've worn these in a whole bunch of videos. I've been abused in..
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