Club Asiana Live Show March 12, 2015 Part 1 – Trial and Error
Running Time: 18 minutes

The position Martin put me in tonight was one of those that I can handle for a very short time. It was one of those positions where my knees are bent not too much, and not too little. He had never tied me like this before so I guess you could say it was a test run and whatever he saw needed improvement, better believe it’ll be better the next time around. We start off with the very large, 2 1/2 ball gag, some rope around my neck, and my elbows tightly wrenched together. I’m in a standing position on top of the pallet wearing strappy heels and lingerie. Martin binds my ankles together, brings my neck down towards my feet, my wrists tied down to a hook behind me, and my neck rope tied to the ceiling. Already I was in a fit to be untied. He makes his rounds again by pulling each strand of rope tighter, then rotates the pallet to put my bound body on display. Shifting my weight from one leg to another, I wriggle and search for comfort, knowing I wasn’t going to find it. Back and fourth while Martin watches in satisfaction.

Club Asiana Live Show March 12, 2015 Part 2 – Get Use to the Game
Running Time: 15 minutes

Switching my hips from side to side. Bending one knee and straitening the other, then back and fourth. I can’t breathe from the massive amount of rope around my neck and I can’t step forward or back. My arms are starting to hurt a lot from pushing forward and tightening the rope on my wrists. My thighs are drenched in spit and I’m growing weak by the second but I know I had to endure the position for as long as I possibly can because the tie took much longer than I had been standing there. A few more minutes and Martin finally lets me out (thank goodness!). He places me on top of our newly done pain table and violates every part of my body, un-gags my mouth, talks about how he’s going to my mouth, then gags me again.

Club Asiana Live Show March 12, 2015 Part 3 – Surprise, Surprisse!
Running Time: 25 minutes

After talking about the things Martin’s going to do to my mouth, he shoves the ball gag back in and straps it tight. Tired and out of breathe, he ties my knees together while still on my back, then brings my knees to my chest and binds me into a compact position. I LOVE this position. One that’s done in bed but tough to do on a hard surface. My ankles are then tied and suspended from the ceiling so I can’t move. Ass and pussy readily accessible for Martin to do whatever. Even though I look and sound as if I’m not enjoying myself, my pussy is proof positive that I truly am. Martin immediately goes for the fuckzall and gives me a good pounding. He keeps at it until I scream and tap out. Stopping to give me a second or two, then goes at it again. After he unties me, I’m so exhausted, I lay lifeless on the table. He puts the nipple clamps on me and forces me to cum with the Hitachi – pulling on the chain of the nipple clamps at the same time. After I let out a huge orgasm, he finishes me off with a good whipping with the cat o’ nine tails to end the show.

The Escort
Running Time: 20 minutes

Martin’s calls for elite escort, Asiana Starr to service him for the night but when she arrives, Asiana comes off a bit cunty. Oh well. That’s not to say she can’t perform her duties, right? They get down to business and head for the bedroom and while Martin sets his wallet down to freshen up, Asiana’s sticky hands gets the best of her and she’s busted going through his money. He gags her bitchy mouth and ties her up against the wall. Throat, arms, legs, and all – this should teach her not to steal from the wrong guy! When he’s through, he unties her and demands that she leaves the house just the way she is – a thieving whore thief. Hair wrecked, spit down her chin and chest, and rope marks all over. Asiana tries to clean herself up before heading for the door and before she leaves, because Martin’s such a good guy, he still pays her but not without humiliating her for what she’s done. On her hands and knees, she picks up the cash that Martin had thrown at her and quickly makes her way out.

She Loves It Part 1 – Ready for a Long Ride
Running Time: 22 minutes

Over the weekend, we set out for a ride to Fry’s electronics to pick some things up for the playroom. It had been a while since I was tied up in the car so luckily Martin suggested I get hogtied in the back seat… minus the flats I was wearing. I was all for it, of course! Tight jeans, tiny midriff top, elbows smashed together, bare feet, and mouth packed with a wad of handkerchiefs, then wrapped tight. Usually when I’m tied, I tend to tap out around 30 minutes but in my head, I anticipated I’d be tied up the whole way there and Fry’s was NOT close lol. In the back seat, bound in my favorite position, and barely able to maneuver myself around. Top pulled down just enough to expose my nipple and pants unzipped in case Martin wanted access. I loved every minute of it and I made sure I let him know that.

She Loves It Part 2 – Juices Flowing
Running Time: 19 minutes

By the movement of my body and the muffled moans coming out of my silenced mouth, there’s no denying how much I love being tied up in the back seat of the car. I was very pleased that I was able to make the entire 40 minute ride from Surprise to Glendale – heavily gagged and hogtied. Unfortunately, we stopped recording right after I was untied so what you don’t see, is me telling Martin how wet I was. So wet, that I soaked my pants. Needless to say, I had a real good time..

Club Asiana Live Show March 26, 2015 Part 1 – Breaking Asiana for the Live Show
Running Time: 14 minutes

For the first part of the live show, Martin puts me in a position that breaks me down to the point of hunting for comfort and begging for release – whether it be pretty quickly, or after a long period of time. Naked, fishnet stockings, high heels, and a 2 1/2″ ball gag. My legs are crossed, elbows crushed and hiked to the ceiling, hair pulled back, and my head pulled down to my feet. Drooling, crying, and already looking for that comfortable spot which I know I’ll never find.