The Last Hole
Running Time: 18 minutes

The simplicity of the position was this: Mouth gagged and elbows crushed. That was it. Wife beater, tight jeans, and bare feet. Martin straps a 2″ ball gag in my mouth and I’m not sure how in the world he was able to get it as tight as it was, but he managed to buckle it down so tight that I couldn’t tolerate it. As soon as it was in, I fought it. Throughout the entire video, I was completely overwhelmed with how far the ball was in my mouth and how tight the straps were wrapped around my face, that I screamed at the top of my lungs, cursed behind the gag, stomped my feet, and through a huge fit. The harder I cried, the harder it was for me to breathe. Martin finally removed the gag, then strapped it on again, second to the last hole down. Weeping, drooling profusely all over myself and my hair, and tip-toeing in place, unable to keep steady from the pain. This single ball gag is truly what made this video!

Throat Tied
Running Time: 18 minutes

Mid day and I had just gotten done working out. Still in my outfit, Martin calls me into the Playroom and over to the wooden bench, proceeding to tie me up. We begin with the usual elbows and wrists and then I was laid down onto my stomach. Mouth ball gagged, ankles tied, and rope around my neck. Both to my delight and dismay, he used the rope around my ankles to pull my neck back so with every movement I made, I was being choked. In the beginning you’ll see me try and bring my feet closer to my head, but when I did, I choked myself. I tried arching my back to give myself some slack, and that also ended in the same result. I had no choice but to keep my head up high to prevent myself from being choked out. Martin ties my hair and pulls it back to my elbows to get a better glance of my face and then at the last minute of the video, he removes the rope from my hair to my arms again so that I was challenged to hold my head up high until the end.

To Stand In 6 Inch Heels Part 1 – D’Orsay Heels
Running Time: 16 minutes

Panythose, 6″ heels, topless, nipple clamps, arms are box-tied, mouth gagged and strapped TIGHT, with every slight movement from the rope around my neck, skirt pulled above my waist, ankles tied, and to stand. Martin ties a rope around my ass and pussy for extra discomfort, then watches the tears and drool begin as I balance myself in place. Let the demise begin…

To Stand In 6 Inch Heels Part 2 – Martin’s Three Favorite Things
Running Time: 12 minutes

Crying, drooling, mascara running, and still trying to stand on 6″ heels while my feet are tied, standing straight up. Arms boxed behind me, bra folded under with nipple clamps on my tits and rope wrapped snugly around my neck. Martin makes me repeat the three things he loves punishing the most – “My mouth, my pussy, and my feet” was my reply. He loves being reminded and making me remind myself of these things. He tightens the rope around my neck and gives my crotch rope a quick tug, knowing that each time he moves me, the pain eats away at my well-being, leaving me be until he breaks me down.

To Stand In 6 Inch Heels Part 3 – An Uncomprimising Event
Running Time: 17 minutes

As I begin to fall apart, I push to stand for as long as I can. Bending at the knees to relieve as much body weight on my feet as I can but every time I do, I myself, so I quickly straighten myself up to relieve the rope around my neck. Martin sits me on his lap, unties my ankles and has me spread my legs for him while he verbally taunts me. He gets up, makes me spread my legs on the bench again, ties my ankles to each end, attaches the rope around my neck to the bench so that I’m pulled backwards, and attempts to an orgasm out of me.

To Stand In 6 Inch Heels Part 4 – Orgasm Redemption
Running Time: 24 minutes

Tears in my eyes, drool running down my chin and in between my tits, breasts out, legs spread, and moaning in exhaustion while Martin works me with the Hitachi until I cum. Bringing me to my edge and right before orgasm, he grabs a handful of my hair, pulls my head back, and watches me climax in my pantyhose. Wrecked from hour long session, we end it all with me removing the nipple clamps and un-gagging myself.

Slut Position Part 1 – A Mouthful of Silence
Running Time: 14 minutes

We start off naked, bare foot, and on top of the pain table. Martin smashes my elbows together, then stuffs my mouth to capacity with a huge wad of handkerchiefs. He seals everything intact with the entire roll of bandage and it is SO TIGHT that it brings me to tears. He continues to bind the rest of my arms together and while doing so, I fuss and fight so much that Martin removes the wrap and does it again. Soon as I calm down, he puts me in a doggy position with my arms pulled to the ceiling, knees are spread and anchored to the table, and nipples are clamped. The Hitachi is inserted inside me with a attachment and left inside while Marin prepares for his next tool of punishment.