Club Asiana Live Show December 4, Part 1 – On The Edge
Running Time: 16 minutes

Black heels and lingerie for the live show tonight. We begin with a kneeling spread on the pallet and my ankles secured at each corner. Mouth silenced with a 2 1/2″ ball gag strapped to the last hole and my wrists pulled back bringing my body back bend. Martin loops rope around my torso, around my pussy, and rope around my neck (which I LOVE). Already shifting myself in all kinds of ways in discomfort and anticipation as he ties rope from my crotch and fastening the other end to the winch. Bracing myself as he hits the switch and brings my ass off the pallet – pulling me upward and forward by my pussy. My neck is then tied and attached to the winch as well and as the difficulty of the position increases with each element Martin adds, he finishes the tie by tightening each piece of rope that secures my arms and legs.

Club Asiana Live Show December 4, 2014 Part 2 – Asiana Can’t Hack It
Running Time: 25 minutes

Gagged and bound in a flexy, back-breaking position with my entire body bent backwards, ankles and wrists tied down so I can’t get up, adjust, or move forward or backward. Rope around my neck to make breathing tiresome, and rope around my chest, pulling my upper body toward the ceiling. The torment of the rope in my pussy lifting me off the pallet and having to hold myself up with my arms which were beginning to grow numb was taking a toll on me that the remaining minutes of this position was unbearable until the very end. Martin unties me and moves me to the Red Chair and immediately goes for the next position, drawing my elbows tightly together and tying them the back, then tying my neck and crotch rope together with NO ROOM for me to lift my head up. My knees are spread wide with each ankles and leg secured so I can’t close them, and finally the nipple clamps to finish the job.

Club Asiana Live Show December 4, 2014 Part 3 – Asiana Penalizes Herself
Running Time: 19 minutes

From the pallet to the chair, crying, drooling, legs spread, punishing my own pussy with the rope that’s attached to my neck, knees tied back to keep them in a wide-open position, ankles tied down, nipples clamped, and elbows pressed together behind my back. Martin attempts to taunt me with the wand but I’m in so much agony that it doesn’t phase me. Massive amounts of drool drips down to the floor, creating a puddle visible enough for the camera. Now sweating and barely able to utter a sound. Martin knows how badly I need out but he’s bent on me going to the end. Mind-fucking me by placing a timer on the chair between my legs for the last 5 minutes of the show. Every time I open my eyes, I see the clock slowly ticking away so I refuse to look. All I can do is bare down on the pain until I hear the bell go off. Another position that has me full of spit and tears!

Club Asiana Live Show December 4, 2014 Part 4 – Asiana Cums HARD
Running Time: 21 minutes

Going on a full hour of bondage during the live show and after Martin unties me, he’s not done just yet. He’s determined to make me cum and he’s going to do everything to make that happen – no matter HOW TIRED I am! He partially unties me – leaving the crotch rope, the ball gag, and the rope around my neck, keeps me on the chair with my legs spread, then takes the wand to my pussy and works me. Working the wand, groping me, putting his hand over my mouth and nose to restrict my breathing, then shoving his fingers inside me until I finally reach orgasm.

Middle School Part 1 – Dedicated to Stigue
Running Time: 20 minutes

One of our members had suggested a position using the Red Chair. Me tightly tied to the chair using lots of rope – torso, arms, legs spread, mouth-stuffing gag, rope around the throat, nipple clamps, and the Hitachi strapped in place for a orgasm. Simple and easy. So we did it… only, of course, with Martin’s spin. Video begins with me already bound and gagged. Martin comes in after some time, screws the wand in place, turns it on it’s lowest vibration, and let’s everything run it’s course.

Middle School Part 2 – The Ultimate Tease and Denial
Running Time: 24 minutes

In the beginning, I was focused on the gag, the rope around my neck, and the inability to move around, then even more so once the clamps were placed on my nipples. I couldn’t think of anything else. As time ticked, the vibrations hitting my pussy started to take affect and my focus went from feeling pleasure a little more than the discomfort. My groans slowly transitioned into moans and once Martin noticed I was enjoying myself more than what he wanted, he began to incorporate some pain into the mix. He could see I wanted to cum, so he changed the Hitachi vibrate in such patterns that wouldn’t allow me to orgasm. Teasing my pussy and prolonging my way to climax all the way until he felt it was time for my big release. When it was finally time, he turned the wand on high and when I came, the feeling was incredible!

Asiana On a Platter
Running Time: 17 minutes

Take a rotating disc and combine that with Martin’s perverted mind and you get, Asiana On a Platter”. The concept came from another member who gave us this great idea, along with ANOTHER member who helped make this happen. When this new gadget arrived, Martin’s thoughts went directly to one thing… me, gagged and bound on top of it. Black, see-through tights, black platform heels, black bra, elbows crushed, mouth gagged, and in a super tight hogtie. Disc rotating while the camera sits and captures all 360 degrees of me. Another great addition to the playroom!