My Favorite Position Part 1 – Hogtied
Running Time: 17 minutes

Fans, followers, and members of know my favorite position is the hogtie. To me, the strictest position to be tied and this was how Martin did me tonight, per my request. Chrome-tip platform heels, tight, black, vinyl pants, and matching bra. On top of the table, elbows crushed, mouth gagged with my favorite sized ball gag – 2″ inches in diameter. Knees tied, ankles crossed, and arms pulled back and tied to my ankles. My favorite part is when Martin aggressively pulls me backward so far that you can see how arched my body truly is by how far off the table my chest sits. Then comes the finalizing tie – my hair. Five knots to assure the rope doesn’t slip, my hair is tied SO TIGHT that you can see my face pulled back by the roots. He yanks my head back by my pony tail, ties it to my elbows and BAM! TIGHT. INESCAPABLE. and painfully DELIGHTFUL.

My Favorite Position Part 2 – Hogtied in Heels and Tight, Vinyl Pants
Running Time: 13 minutes
Nice close-ups of my tiny mouth, stretched open by a 2″ ball gag. Drool drizzling down my chin, elbows welded together and pulled to my ankles, hair tied and back to my elbows, and my tightly bound body enduring each minute that I can. Tits out, tight, black, vinyl pants, and chrome-tip platform heels. LOVE this position!

No Rules Part 1 – Kink
Running Time: 18 minutes

Tonight, anything goes! Martin has me tied face down to the table in a bra, thong, and heels with sexy leather straps and a collar. Once in a while for the camera, Martin likes to go a different route from our usual strict bondage and treat me to what I really enjoy… the kinky stuff. So no rules today. Just me strapped to the table and him having his way with me in all the ways I love. Going for the cat-o-nine tails off the bat, Martin flogs my entire backside until my skin turns bright red. Already in tears by the burning sensation each time the leather tails strike me. He must have thought this was too easy for me so Martin decides to take things up a notch and fuck my world with the ass hook yanked to the ceiling. Once that’s all set, he immediately grabs the crop for it’s pin-point accuracy, and aims for the back of my legs, my ass, and my back which has me screaming at the top of my lungs. Of course when I get too loud, Martin shuts me up with a nice 2″ ball gag but because of my inability to control my uncontrollable sobbing, the gag is removed after a few minutes so that I can breathe once again. At this point, even at a stand still while Martin walked away for a few seconds, I could hardly contain myself with the hook in my ass and my adrenaline going and before I could even think he was done with me, he breaks out the Hitachi and places it between my legs.

No Rules Part 2 – Just My Thing
Running Time: 14 minutes

Sobbing uncontrollably and paralyzed by the hook in my ass, I lay as still as I can, waiting for the next thing to come. Martin places the Hitachi Magic Wand to my pussy and forces me to cum while he has a handful of my hair pulled back as I’m choked by the collar. After I climax, he removes my heels in an attempt to finish me off by whipping my feet with the leather tails cause he knows how much I love it!

Knees of Steel Part 1 – Biting Off More Than I Can Handle
Running Time: 16 minutes

From beginning to end, I’m in complete silence whether gagged, or ungagged. Hair pulled to the ceiling in tight knots, elbows tied, rope around my chest, crotch rope deep in the pussy, thighs tied, and knees pressed on the concrete. Only way I could keep myself from pulling more on my hair was to stay on my toes and that’s what was wearing down on me. Martin gags me with a big ball gag and psychologically, things get worse and the position gets much harder. I start drooling uncontrollably and re-adjusting my feet to find a comfortable medium but each time I move, I make matters worse. Just my luck, because I know I’ve got a ways to go.

SaturdayKnees of Steel Part 2 – Hosed and Hogged
Running Time: 27 minutes

After being on my knees a good 16 minutes, Martin puts me face down to the ground so that I’m flat on my stomach with my legs still frogtied, elbows together, and my hair pulled back to my arms. Ball gagged, drooling, and biting down on the pain until I reach my tap out. I get untied but games not over until I’m able to fully recover and ungag myself, remove the crotch rope, and get the 7 knots that’s twisted around my pony tail.

Brushing Up On Bondage Part 1 – The Strappado
Running Time: 19 minutes

It’s been a while since I’ve been in a strappado… not sure why, but it has, and now that that thought dawned on Martin, tonight was the night. Black, shiny, peep-toe heels and a black see-through dress – nothing underneath. My elbows are first tied together and then he bends me forward and brings my wrists up. This was the moment we both realized it’s been too long because I couldn’t get my arms as high as usual. Martin gags me with a 2″ ball gag, strapped to the last hole, my neck is pulled to my knees, and my hair is pulled to my elbows. Martin has me kick my heels off and BAM! Fantastic! This goes to show that my body needs to be worked hard, daily, otherwise, certain positions are a little more difficult to handle.