Manhandled Part 2 – Asiana Ungagged
Running Time: 17 minutes

Naked, barefoot, crotch rope pulled to the ceiling, elbows bound and hoisted, ball gagged, drooling, crying, and doing my little tip-toe dance until Martin comes in and ties my feet together and just watches me endure the position. After an agonizing 17 minutes, Martin gives me the option to choose 2 out of 3 torturous toys to add to my destruction!

Manhandled Part 3 – 5 Minutes to Cum, Go!
Running Time: 13 minutes

Elbows crushed and hoisted, crotch rope pulling on my pussy, and me on my toes, Martin releases me from all the rope and decides to change things up a bit. He makes me get on top of the table – no rope, no gag – and tells me that I’ve got 5 minutes to make myself cum with the Hitachi Magic Wand. As easy as you think it may be, it wasn’t for me at this particular moment because I had just been tied and the feeling was slowly returning to my body. With my hands half asleep, I press the wand against my pussy and attempt to work myself. Martin tries to make things a little harder on me as he strikes my naked body with the cat-o-nine tails and the crop. When he takes me by the throat, then by the hair, and then then shoves his fingers down my mouth, I explode into such a loud orgasm that he has to put his hand over my mouth to silence my scream. Fucking great!

Suffering for Martin Part 1 – His Pleasure is My Pleasure
Running Time: 18 minutes

Tonight, I’m showing off my new outfit Mario had surprised me with… something that has been on my wish list for a while. A very tiny, black vinyl, two-piece outfit. Mini skirt, thong, and midriff halter top along to go with my very high, strappy heels. Martin ties me up and decides we’re going to work on my longevity – he LOVES to watch the slow pace of pain eat away at my body as do I. He starts off with an elbow tie, then hooks me up with a neck rope and drags me backwards and secures the neck rope to the wall behind me and has me spread my legs. Each time I fail or respond late to his requests, he threatens me with the crop. Purposely leaving me ungagged for the first 9 minutes so that he can hear my verbal exclamations. Then he gags me with the panel gag, ties my ankles together, and makes me maneuver myself in circles a few times before he ungags me again, pulls my top halfway down my tits, and put the nipple clamps on me.

Suffering for Martin Part 2 – Tick Tock
Running Time: 17 minutes

After the nipple clamps are set in place, I’m stiffened in fear that my top might get moved if I made any sudden movements. When Martin requests that I turn around for him, I could not get myself to move and when I finally do, he kneels me down into a squatting position and ties my neck to the ring behind me. With my elbows and neck rope secured to the wall, I squirm around on my feet to find any kind of comfort possible until I manage to get myself onto my knees. After finding my place, Martin adjusts my neck rope so that there is no slack, then ties my ankles to my wrists so I’m into a hard kneel on the concrete.

Suffering for Martin Part 3 – Be Careful What You Wish For
Running Time: 18 minutes

Knees pressed against the cold, hard concrete, elbows tightly tied together with my neck and arms secured to the wall, and ankles pulled to my wrists for added discomfort. Top down, tweezer clamps pinching on my nipples, and then Martin adds something I’ve had on my wishlist for a while now – the inflatable penis gag. He gags my tiny mouth with it and gives it enough pumps to fill me up. Being that I had been tied for a good 40 minutes, he releases me from the ropes only to give me 1 minute to use my useless hands to pump the gag myself. If I could not complete the task, he was to punish me. …Luckily, I was successful.

Self Orgasm Custom Video
Running Time: 23 minutes

Let’s just start by saying that this is one HOT clip! Wearing nothing but a thong and a baby doll top, Martin orders me to strip down, gag myself with his favorite red, 2″ ball gag, and cuff my wrists behind my back. He gives me a hand and cuffs my elbows, then has me put on a pair of chrome-tip stilettos. Placing me on the pallet, he nooses me to the ceiling, cuffs my ankles, and has me standing so that I am parallel to the Hitachi that’s taped to a post in front of me. My task is to grind myself to orgasm in hopes that I don’t either myself out before I cum, or give in to the pain from standing in my 6″ heels. Before I even attempt to reach for the wand, my feet are already in agony so I knew I had very little time to climax. Martin puts on a pair of nipple clamps on my tits to add to the pain while I grind against the Hitachi. Drool ran from down my chin, in between my tits, down my stomach, and drizzled down my pussy which heavily lubricated the head of the wand. The fact that my spit made for a slippery surface for my clit felt so delightful. Every time I reached forward with my hips in order to reach the wand, the more I pulled on the noose. I continued to ride past the pain – moving forward and backward as the rope around my neck got tighter until I exploded in ecstasy! One of the hardest orgasms on camera!

Asiana’s First Fuckzall Pounding Part 1 – Ready for Entry
Running Time: 17 minutes

Martin knew precisely what he had planned for me but I didn’t. I know we had been talking about using our new fuckzall but I DIDN’T know he was going to use it today! Per his request, I’m naked, barefeet and all. I get on top of the table and Martin rigs my elbows together as I drool all over my ball gagged mouth. I get into a laying down – on my side position and he ties my wrists and ankles to the points on the table. This was when I realized what was going on and I was very excited. I’m gagged, tied, and about the get fucked!