Club Asiana Member Update March 31, 2014

Content, content, content!  New content every day and it just keeps getting better!  Sexy new outfits, yummy predicaments, and a nice big gag we broke in for the first time!  Something we’re really excited to introduce into our videos is our “fucking machine” which Martin is more than eager to wreck me with this beast and I’m sure you all are just anxious to watch me get slammed while I’m strictly bound and gagged!  We’re also waiting on a new toy to arrive but we’ll just keep that one a surprise so make sure to stick around because you won’t wanna miss what’s coming!

Tight Dress, Tight Body, Tight Bondage Part 1 – Hot New Dress
Running Time: 20 minutes

Martin bought me this new dress and he wanted to show me off in it. Tie me up in ways that would accentuate
everything he loves about me. I wore my hot pink strappy heels to match my dress, no panties, no bra. He crushes
my elbows, gags my mouth and takes the tails to breasts and my stomach to warm me up. Has me turn around, spread
my legs, and stick my ass out so he can get to my back side. Adding more rope to my body, he pulls my arms to the
side, adds a neck rope, then lifts me to the ceiling by my chest, making it very difficult to stand in my heels
and also to breathe. Then he crotch ropes me to finalize the position for the time being.

Tight Body, Tight Dress, Tight Bondage Part 2 – Asiana Can’t Decide
Running Time: 17 minutes

After adding the crotch, Martin hoists me up by my pussy and brings me to my toes. He alters my ties a few more
times and each time he does was more than what I could handle. Still unsatisfied, he goes harder and bends my arms
into a strappado, then ties my hair into a pony tail and pulls my head back to my elbows.

Tight Body, Tight Dress, Tight Bondage Part 3 – Tight Crotch Rope = Happy Pussy
Running Time: 11 minutes

Tight dress, high heels, elbows crushed, hair tied and pulled back, ball gagged, drooling, crotch roped, and tits
out. Martin removes my super tight crotch rope, shoves his fingers inside me, and makes me moan. It’s clear how
excited Martin makes me while tied up in his ropes by the sounds of how wet my pussy is when he finger fucks me.
He then finishes me off with a pair of nipple clamps, ties my hair to the winch, and adds rope from my crotch rope
to my wrists and lets time ware me down.

Tight Body, Tight Dress, Tight Bondage Part 4 – Worn Out
Running Time: 12 minutes

More than 48 minutes into the scene and we’re still going. Gag buckled down between my teeth, hair pulled all the
way back to the winch, arms hoisted to a perfect 90 degree angle, clamps biting down on my nipples, balancing on
my heels, and now my crotch rope is secured to the winch and pulling me into an arch. All this until I’ve
completely exhausted myself.

Predicament Bondage King and Queen Part 1 – Already Falling Apart
Running Time: 20 minutes

Topless and boy shorts, barefoot, and tied in a slightly-knees bent position. Arms behind me, pulled over the
cross bar, mouth gagged, ankles tied together, then attached to the base of the post. Being that we started the
on-screen tying off with my knees bent, I was already feeling the burn in my legs. Then we go on to my wrists tied
to my torso, knees tied together, and then Martin adds the crotch rope to my pussy. Once my chest is tied to the
post and the neck rope is added and secured to the post I’m starting to fall apart at 15 minutes. Chin, chest, and
stomach glistening with drool, tears slowly coming down my face, and then the nipple clamps are added. I see
myself in trouble already!

Predicament Bondage King and Queen Part 2 – Eaten Away
Running Time: 15 minutes

20 minutes into the position, I’m struggling to hold my ground. I want so badly to stand, or sit, or whatever
would alleviate the burn in my legs. Everything from the nipple clamps squeezing tightly on my nipples, the crotch
rope between my pussy, my elbows pulled back and tied together, the gag that’s strapped tightly around my face,
and the rope around my neck tightening each time I lower my body slowly ate away at me. I can feel myself losing
the ability to stay in position and the more Martin would verbally taunt me, the more he broke me down. Nearly 35
minutes of the slow torment, I was finally released but Martin was NOT done with me yet!

Predicament Bondage King and Queen Part 3 – Defiant Slut
Running Time: 18 minutes

In the blog section of the members area, you’ll find that omitted a portion of this series and added it as a blog
post as bonus content. After 35 minutes of being into the predicament that slowly breaks me down, he unties
me it takes me so long to cooperate because I’m so worn out. In this scene, we pick up after my period of non-
compliance due to my inability to recuperate. My hands are tied to the top of the post, my ankles tied to the
base, knees to the post as well, and Martin then has his way with me with the cat-o-nine tails. He whips my back,
my ass, and my thighs for my defiant behavior until I admit to my faults but I continue to comply so he takes the
tails to my tits and gets in a couple hits. A flood of drool and tears run down my face is the result of bad
behavior. Martin finally lets me go and as he unties my hands, I drop to my knees to show him how sorry I am for
being a defiant little slut.