Club Asiana Member Update March 3, 2014


Another rough week came and went and glad we both made it through and neither of us are feeling sick anymore. All that matters now is that we’ve got some great new content, monthly giveaways are back so don’t forget to enter to win a free live show, and tomorrow we will be announcing dates for this month’s live shows! It feels great to be back after a dreadful week and we still have so much more to be excited for! This month we’ll be working extra, extra hard getting lots of custom videos done as we’ve got so many we’re still trying to finish and we cannot WAIT to do the shows for our members again!

Here’s what’s new this week!

Energizer Bunny of Bondage Part 1 – Sexy Tied
Running Time: 15 minutes

Suede, high heel boots, booty shorts, bra, and a mesh, see-through top. Ring gagged, crotch roped, and legs tied together. On a kneeling position on the pallet, Martin brings my elbows together, pulls me backward and ties my wrists to a ring behind me, and pulls my crotch rope to the ceiling. He cranks the winch until my torso is pulled high and when I try adjusting myself to find a comfortable position, he ties a piece of rope from my crotch rope and pulls me forward to another ring in front of me now so that I cannot push forward, nor pull backward. The struggle begins. When he sees I’m uncomfortable but not yet in pain, he ties my neck to the rope that’s pulling on my crotch rope to add to the position. He clicks the hoist a couple more times and tells me I’ve got until the 20-minute mark.

Energizer Bunny of Bondage Part 2 – Tough Situations
Running Time: 17 minutes

Martin’s stern on his word – he’s not letting me go until I hit the 20-minute mark. My back is arched, elbows crushed together, knees planted on hard pallet, neck pulled forward, crotch rope pulling on my pussy in four different directions, and mouth wrenched open by the ring gag. Martin pulls my neck rope tighter and I start losing my ability to stay in my current position so I put myself in a different spot only as my binds allowed me to. He switches the gag and replaces the ring gag with the 2″ ball gag, (One of my faves!) and does not untie me until I cannot go any further.

Energizer Bunny of Bondage Part 3 – Running Low
Running Rime: 14 minutes

After untying me from one position, we go straight to the next. This time Martin releases the ropes that pull my crotch rope forward and upward, removes the neck rope, and releases my arms from being pulled back behind me. He takes my tightly squeezed together elbows and pulls me into a strappado, then ties a rope around my neck again and pulls me forward to the ring on the corner front of the pallet – finishing me off with a crotch rope attached to the ceiling. By now, 45 minutes had elapsed and because he has no plans of being done with me, he partially unties me for a very short intermission.

Energizer Bunny of Bondage Part 4 – Intermission
Running Time: 9 minutes

Even though Martin allows for an intermission, that doesn’t mean he’s gonna make it easy. He partially unties me and makes me do the rest. With a big ball gag in still jammed in my mouth, crotch rope tightly snug around my pussy, and my legs still tied to my feet, he tells me that I must untie myself. All the while, he reminds me that I’m in for a 120 minute play time session! With drool still coming down over the ball gag, arms half asleep, and me, out of breath, I slowly work at the ropes around my boots, and then slip my long white tube socks off so that I’m down to my bare feet. Next, I go for the gag – the ball is SO BIG that even after unbuckling the straps, the ball has to be pulled out of my mouth! I strip down to my boy shorts, Martin and I exchange some sexual flirtation as I notion that I’m ready to go another round.

Energizer Bunny of Bondage Part 5 – Be Careful What You Ask For
Running Time: 13 minutes

Starting up again, Martin has me on my knees AGAIN – ankles crossed and tied, elbows together, wrists to my crotch rope, wrists and crotch rope tied to the ceiling, and then a neck rope which is also pulled to the ceiling. Everything is pulled so high that I’m sitting straight up and my back is arched very nicely. Suffering only minutes into the position, he gives an option of getting 2 cranks from the hoist or clamps on the nipples. I choose both. I must have been hungry for pain tonight because I requested that he lift me higher and how could he deny me of that. More, and more… I ask for more… but when all is said and done, I’m quickly regret what I had asked for.

Energizer Bunny of Bondage Part 6 – Small Girl, Big Appetite
Running Time: 23 minutes

I’m on my knees, my feet are arched and stretched, my purple elbows are throbbing, my mouth is open by the ball gag, clothes pins are biting down on my nipples, the rope around my neck slowly gets tighter and tighter with each movement, and the crotch rope seems to feels as if it’s slipping deeper inside me the higher I’m being pulled the the ceiling. Drool drips down my bottom lip, falling down to my chest, and forming a sexy stream down my stomach all the way down my pussy. For such a tough position, I endured the pain until the end although it didn’t take much after I had asked that Martin punish me too fast and too much within seconds. My appetite was far more than what I thought I could handle.

Another Situation for Asiana Part 1 – Pain Prom
Running Time: 15 minutes

When Martin walked into the playroom tonight, he had no idea what to expect me wearing – like majority of the nights because I love surprising him. He finds me wearing a sexy tight black mini dress, nude pantyhose, and gold strappy heels. First thing that comes to mind was “high school prom” LOL. A lot of the times, what I wear is what gives him inspiration for how he’s going to tie me. He crushes my elbows together and hoists them to the ceiling. He binds my torso, ties my wrists to the rope around my stomach, then roughs me up a bit with some hair pulling and fingers in my mouth. He stuffs three handkerchiefs into my tiny mouth and keeps it all in place by wrapping vet wrap around my head. To complete his tie, he takes one knee, brings it to my face, and keeps it lifted by tying it to some rope around my neck. Then he takes my suspended ankle, brings it back, and ties it to the rope secured to the winch. Now I’m faced with having to balance myself with one high-heeled foot!