Club Asiana Member Update March 10, 2014


Oh yeah! Another week behind us and a brand new week of 7 smokin’ hot bondage videos featuring the girl who isn’t afraid to cry on camera – Asiana Starr!

It’s a beautiful thing in a producer’s world when he/she captures something that makes him/her think that it’s INCREDIBLE and AMAZING. Some producers experience this a handful of times in their career. Something that literally make them stop and stare at what they’ve done. Something that stimulates every sense. For me, I’ve actually lost count of how many times I’ve had this moment while I tie and shoot Asiana. And this week was no different.  The video that Asiana titled “I Love Predicament Bondage Part 1 – What Satisfies Martin” features such a simple tie – elbows and wrists tied, crotchrope, and a very tight rope around her neck. For a gag – at her request – I used more rope. I had her squat in front of a board that we have attached to the wall, and I attached the rope around her neck to a hook on the wall so that she had to get up on her toes so that she wouldn’t herself. She couldn’t stand, nor could she sit. She simply had to endure the predicament.  It was, without a doubt, perfect! After you watch the video, I hope you’ll agree.

We have many new things planned that will take our videos to the next level. One of the most simple things – something that makes Asiana both excited and scared to endure – is a set of Clover clamps. Sounds like nothing… but I can assure you that it is something big. Next, we will be introducing a sawzall. I’ll leave that one to your imagination.

Below is a description of the 7 new bondage videos inside Club Asiana this week. If you’re not a member, you’re missing out on over 500 bondage videos! So, JOIN NOW!


Another Situation for Asiana Part 2 – Big Wad, Small Mouth
Running Time: 23 minutes

Martin never makes anything easy for me. Even with my elbows crushed together and raised to the ceiling, balanced on one foot with the other knees tied to my neck, and mouth packed and wrapped to capacity, he makes me turn in place. He pulls my tits out and places tweezer clamps to my nipples and makes me continue with his request. Every time I move my foot, I jerk the chain hanging from my nipples, and every time I move, it’s hard to stand steady. He flogs me with the cat-o-nine tails when he sees that I stopped moving. I try and tap out, he demands 10 minutes more!

Flexy Tie Part 1 – Sexy Stew
Running Time: 17 minutes

Martin has me in a rather flexible and uncomfortable tie! My torso is flat against the base of the pallet with the upper half of my body hangs over the base while my legs are suspended against the pole so high that my entire body is arched in a painful position. My elbows are tightly tied together, crotch rope pulled and tied to the post, and arms pulled behind me as well. He straps a 2″ ball gag into my mouth to the last hole and pulls my head back as far as he can go. The ball drives deep inside my mouth so far that I can’t even mumble anymore. Hard to drool, hard to speak, and hard to move. The position had me paralyzed.

Flexy Tie Part 2 – Bendy Asiana
Running Rime: 17 minutes

After making me marinate in pain for a good 19 minutes and counting, he asks me to go 10 more but I’m unsure if I’m capable. He adds clothes pins to my nipples and I immediately perk up. He goes for the cat-o-nine-tails and flogs my bare feet. Very hard not to scream while he does this. Until the end, I’m almost speechless from the gag being buried in my mouth!

I Love Predicament Bondage Part 1 – What Satisfies Martin
Running Time: 16 minutes

I love the look of a neck rope and being rope gagged and today I was hungry to be tied a certain way… naked and on the dirty floor. So my request was that I be tied against the wall by my neck on the floor. I didn’t care how, or what was done to me but I wanted that. So I requested to be bound and gagged the way I wanted and Martin could do what or add what he desired. When he arrived at my house and saw what I was wearing, that was all he needed to complete the scene in his head. As requested, he placed me in a kneeling position on the floor and tied my neck to the wall. I was rope gagged and crotch roped while he fondled and roughed me up. He then took me to the floor and tied me up – one foot to the rope around my neck at first but I couldn’t breathe so he tied my foot to my elbows. With the way he had me bound, it was very difficult move.

I Love Predicament Bondage Part 2 – What Satisfies Asiana
Running Time: 24 minutes

Struggling for any kind of comfort I can get while gagged and tied on the floor, Martin does nothing but rough me up even more. He’s loving the fact that I’m rolling around naked on the dirty floor because he knows how much I hate it! He adds clothes pins to my nipples and one to my clit as I try not to scream. Calm, cool, and relaxed as he watches me sulk in the pain and just as I think we’re done, he has me in for a pleasant surprise. This time he delivers everything I love. He aggressively grabs me, slaps my face, probes his fingers in and out my mouth, and kisses me passionately as I grab for his cock. He pins my head against the wall and chokes me, making me even more excited.

Martin T0rment’s His Sex Toy Part 1 – Today’s The Day
Running Time: 15 minutes

It’s “punish the pussy day” for me again, both mine and Martin’s favorite thing. He stands me up on the pallet, naked with pink high heels and me – spread. My elbows are tied and each ankle is tied to opposite ends of the pallet. A large panel gag is shoved in my mouth and unfortunately for me, it’s been a while since we used it so the fact that it hits the back of my throat and presses down on my tongue, takes a great deal of focus in order not to gag (not that I don’t love the feeling). Martin ties a crotch rope to my pussy, snaps it onto the hook, then hoists me up until I scream. My hands are then secured to another ring behind me on the base of the pallet and from then on, I just endure the pain for as long as I can.

Martin T0rment’s His Sex Toy Part 2 – Her Nemisis
Running Time: 21 minutes

Martin threatens to lift me higher if I complain about any bit of pain I’m feeling so I try my hardest to keep it to myself. He switches out the panel gag for the 2 1/2″ ball gag and you can see the struggle in his hand and my face when he tries to pop it between my teeth and then he goes for my worst nightmare… the nipple clamps. Once he puts them on me, I completely fall apart. The pain from the clamps heightens the pain of everything else. My legs being spread wide and me being on my tip-toes. My elbows being tightly squeezed together for a long period of time. The crotch rope being buried in my pussy and pulled to the ceiling, and the 2 1/2″ ball gag my mouth open wide. Not long after and I’m done!