Club Asiana Live Show June 12, 2014 Part 3 – Live Show Aftermath
Running Time: 16 minutes

The show comes to an end when I’m on the chair coming up on my end… tired, sweaty, drenched in saliva, iced water, and pussy juice. In the most simplistic position sitting down with my elbows tied and my hair attached, pulling them back and fourth like a see-saw, my ankles and knees tied with my face being pulled to my knees, and my mouth tightly gagged I could hardly manage. Martin finally un-gags me, unties my elbows, wrists and neck rope, and makes me do the rest. I untie my ankles, knees, nipple clamps, Martin helps me with my hair, and then my heels. Had such a great time!

Movie Time! – A Short Story
Running Time: 6 minutes

It’s Friday night and what better way to spend time together than to stay in and watch a movie. Martin flips through Netflix to find something good. A nice summer night, peaceful neighborhood, got the lights dim, and relaxed on the bed while I’m tied in a squatting, spread position to the pole. High heels, rope around my pussy, legs are frog tied, and rope wrapped around my throat and secured to the pole. Constantly re-adjusting myself to find a comfortable medium when in reality… there is none. This time around, my mouth isn’t stuffed with a huge ball gag and if you play close attention… you’ll see why. Spit drips down my chin and each time I move my body a certain way, you can see streams of drool run from my chest, down to my stomach, and over my pussy. What happened just before we started filming, I’ll leave you to imagine. Not sure why Martin always attempts to put on a movie while he has me tied up in the same room because he almost ALWAYS gets distracted.

Hogtied in the Front Seat of a Cruiser TOP SELLING CLIP!
Running Time: 21 minutes

Martin takes me on a 20 minute cruise around the city in his cruiser in the middle of broad daylight. Ball gagged and hogtied in the front seat! A bumpy ride in which I was extremely paranoid to be seen but that element to this situation is what makes it all the better! I LOVE being tied up in the car and loved it even more that this time I was riding up front… readily available for Martin’s hands.

Martin Forgets All About Me – A Short Story
Running Time: 6 minutes

Hanging around the house in this comfortable dress that Martin seems to like a lot. Never understood why because I always considered it one of my “lounge around the house dress”. He says it’s because of the way it fits my body and I love him for that. Anyway, point is, he loves it – and because he likes it so much, he really wanted to tie me up. I’m always down to play so I was up for it. He gathered some rope from the night stand, his favorite ball gag from the playroom, and took me upstairs to the bedroom. Ties me elbows together, gags my mouth, then leads me to the bathroom where he finishes me by tying my ankles and knees, then ties my neck to my legs and pulls my top down. Honestly, it’s not often that he leaves me tied up in random places such as the bathroom and leaves me by myself because he knows I much prefer him in the same room but I guess today was one of those rare moments. I went with it and struggled my sexy struggle. Arched my feet up so I didn’t have to bend forward as much and moaned nice and sensually from beneath the gag. I know he was loving the visual… especially the immense amount of drool that trickled down my legs and onto my feet. He watched for a minute or two and then shut the door. I figured maybe to go downstairs for a so I continued – imagining that he was thinking about me tied up while he left me alone. Another minute or two went by and he hadn’t come back… where the fuck did he go?? …I think he forgot about me…

Blast From The Past Custom Video (lost clip)
Running Time: 28 minutes

This is a custom video we that was shot titled, “Blast From The Past” back in 2013. We intended to use two cameras for editing purposes of having two different perspectives using the Canon and the GoPro. Not really sure why and or what happened during this time, but lately, we have picked up the GoPro to start shooting videos and found this clip inside the memory card. What an awesome find! There’s close to an hour of content shot and it would be a waste NOT to post it!

Club Asiana Live Show June 26, 2014 Part 1 – Quick Witted Martin
Running Time: 17 minutes

As usual, I was completely unaware of what to expect during tonight’s live show. All I knew, was that Martin had plans to destroy my world. Rushing at the last minute to finish getting dressed, I threw on a super tight girdle skirt, matching bra, and shiny black, pointy-toe high heels. Ordered to stand on the wooden platform with my back against the post, Martin welds my elbows behind my back with the post between my body and arms as tight as possible. He returns with a wadded handkerchief, stuffs it into my mouth, then wraps a rope gag around my mouth, around the post, then over my eyes. With the heat combined with my mouth being stuffed, on top of being blindfolded by the rope, within in .5 seconds, I immediately went into a panic attack and notioned for out. I fucked up Martin’s ENTIRE plan. Luckily for all you viewers, he was damned if I let me ruin the show. He went for the crop and lashed me in my least favorite places – my inner thighs and my tits. This sent me into tears and a cleavage full of spit right away. Martin adds a neck rope so tight that directed my focus to breathe accordingly and a pair of nipple clamps and steps back to watch.

Club Asiana Live Show June 26, 2014 Part 2 – Time Out
Running Time: 18 minutes

After the nipple clamps are on, the pain only tacks on to the toughness of the position and with the pain, my mind made my body believe I was beginning to fall apart. The neck rope combined with the ball gag made it very difficult to breathe so Martin removes the rope to allow me some breathing room. As soon as that was removed, the relief felt so good, if it weren’t for my arms being tied to the post, I would have dropped to my knees. When I dropped my body as low as I could, this gave Martin the idea to tie my bent knees to the front base of the post so I cold not stand straight. While I struggled to find comfort, he insert ice cubes into my pussy to help cool me down, then runs them over my nipple clamped tits. Martin takes water and pours it over my shoulders, over my chest, then throws the rest all over me. He then takes the crop and when he gets that one good shot right over my cold, wet, hard, clamped nipple, it’s over. Soaking wet, red welts all over my thighs, spit down my chest, and face full of tears, he unties me and f0rces me to spread my legs wide.