Fuckzall Slut Part 1 – Violated
Running Time: 16 minutes

Tiny vinyl halter top, matching tight, vinyl pants, and platform heels, gagged with a 2″ ball gag and elbows tied together. Martin has me spread my legs while I’m sitting on top of the table as he spanks my pussy and slaps my face… getting me hot and ready for what’s in store. He lays me across the table on my back, pulls my pants down, and shoves his fingers inside me. Then he slips them back on me and boy, was it quite uncomfortable putting back on a wet pair of panties. Flipping me onto my stomach, he ties my feet together, then brings my feet and arms to the suspended hook attached to the hoist. Martin puts my hair into a tight ponytail and ties my head back, bringing my entire body into a flexy, strenuous position.

Fuckzall Slut Part 2 – Ball Gagged, Drooling, and Tied Tight!
Running Time: 15 minutes

Martin has me in this very tight, very strenuous position from the beginning of the video all the way to the end. Arms and legs hiked upward with my elbows tied and my head pulled back, and my mouth packed with a nicely fitting ball gag that makes me drool… a lot! It isn’t until 10 minutes into the video when my eyes begin to water and the position starts to take a toll on my body and mind but my facial expression only drives Martin to keep me tied up longer.

Fuckzall Slut Part 3 – Martin Aims To Please
Running Time: 19 minutes

Martin finally unties me, strips me down, finger fucks me, then un-gags my mouth, and ties my hair back to my left ankle. He takes his hand is runs it over my naked body, has me touch his cock through his pants, finger fucks me again, then ring gags my mouth. He then ties my feet together, wrenches my elbows, then puts me back into the same exact position he had me in the last 35 minutes – only difference this time is that I’m naked. I anticipate what’s to come next.

Fuckzall Slut Part 4 – 3,200 Thrusts Per Minute Makes Asiana Cum
Running Time: 24 minutes

Over 1-hour of Martin tormenting my body and after he strips me down, he puts me back into the same position he had me and fucks me with the fuckzall. Driving it deep inside me and thrusting the drilldo in and out until I cum. First time ever, having an orgasm by a fuck machine and if you look very closely, you’ll see me dripping with excitement! After he makes me cum, he comes at me for a second round until I can’t take anymore. When he pulls away to put the machine down, you can clearly see just how wet my pussy is. What a fucking great time I had!

Club Asiana Live Show July 24, 2014 Part 1 – A Quickie To Start The Show
Running Time: 13 minutes

Martin kicks the 1-hour live show with a plan in mind… to exhaust me of all my energy and THEN fuck my world! In white, platform heels and baby blue, laced lingerie, he puts me in a semi-suspension to stretch me out – arms above my head, elbows together, and a 2″ ball gag strapped tightly in my mouth. He picks one foot up and secures it to the ceiling so my legs are spread with the other foot to the ground. Since my ass and thighs are vulnerable to his every desire, he takes full advantage and whips me with the flogger. After a few good lashings, he slides his fingers inside me to make sure I’m enjoying myself and even though my moans and cries may seem otherwise, my pussy never lies. 10 minutes into the game, he works me with the Hitachi and forces an orgasm out of my helpless body, bringing me to a weakened physical state.

Club Asiana Live Show July 24, 2014 Part 2 – Sprayed Down During a Semi-Suspension
Running Time: 11 minutes
Body stretched into a tight, semi-suspension, white platform heels, ball gagged, and drooling, Martin sprays with some ice cold water. He then unties my hands and crushes my elbows together, ties a crotch rope around my pussy, then attaches it to the ceiling and has me spread my legs wide. The wider I spread my legs, the tighter the crotch rope gets!

Club Asiana Live Show July 24, 2014 Part 3 – The Motto
Running Time: 11 minutes

After putting me in a standing, crotch rope-to-the-ceiling, legs spread, elbows tied, position, Martin cools me down with ice cold water until I’m fully wet. He relieves the crotch rope, takes my arms, and pulls me backwards to tie my wrists to the wall. Shortly after, he puts me into a legs spread, standing strappado with the crotch rope to the ceiling again, then puts me into a the position that ends up taking me to my breaking point.