Club Asiana Live Show July 10, 2014 Part 1 – Wet and Messy
Running Time: 17 minutes

An unpitying live show for me when Martin shoves a 2″ ball gag in my mouth and ties my elbows together. Then he pulls each hand to the side, brings them to the front, and ties them together then does the same to my knees. After a few strikes with the cat-o-nine tails to warm me up, he hoists my elbows behind me, then ties a very tight pony tail at the top of my head, and ties it to the rope attached from my arms to the ceiling. He whips me again with the leather tails, then leaves me tightly bound, gagged, drooling, and baking in the blistering heat. After what felt like an extremely long wait, he returns with a container full of iced water, and attempts to get a little wet and messy.

Club Asiana Live Show July 10, 2014 Part 2 – Martin’s New Toy
Running Time: 15 minutes

Martin is having a blast with his new toy – as you can tell. While my hair is tightly pulled back to the rope that runs from my crotch rope to the ceiling, my elbows tied together, hands pulled to the front, mouth heavily gagged with a 2″ ball, knees tied together, standing in high heels, he continues to soak me down with the ice cold water. He puts the water down and immediately lashes my wet body with the flogger, then goes back to the freezing water. Once he’s got me completely wet (inside and out), he tightens a crotch rope around my pussy, then sprays me down some more. He then ungags me, then takes a firm hand and slaps my face a few times.

Club Asiana Live Show July 10, 2014 Part 3 – Hello, My Name Is…
Running Time: 12 minutes

Martin is enjoying how much pain I’m in. With the tight crotch rope lifting my ass in the air, my elbows pulled behind my back, and how far my hair is pulling my head back. Then of course, after he unties my arms toward the end of the show , I’m made to untie the rest of myself… ankles, hair, and kick my shoes off.

The Destruction of Asiana Part 1 – You Know What Time It Is
Running Time: 12 minutes

Martin leaves me tied against the post while he sits for a smoke – as usual. I’m on my toes, legs bent, arms behind my back, with my knees, chest, and face pressed up against the post. He loves admiring me suffering for his pleasure. When his smoke break is done, he goes back to tying my hair to my wrists so my head is back and places the Hitachi between my pussy and the post. I try as hard as I can to grind the head, but because I’m in such a position that limits my movement, I can’t get myself to cum, but as soon as Martin steps in to give me a hand, he brings me to an orgasm within 3 minutes.

The Destruction of Asiana Part 2 – Stringent Strappado in Tights
Running Time: 14 minutes

My arms are hiked up so high in this strappado that the bottom of my heels are off the ground. The strain in my neck is so stressful that it is this, that bothers me the most, and with my neck pulling my knees so far forward, it’s extremely difficult to maneuver myself in small circles. Martin sits in his chair to admire me and my ass in my see-through tights, questioning me as to what I love most about this position. He unties the rope from my neck to my knees, then ties a pony tail and fastens it to my elbows.

The Destruction of Asiana Part 3 – The Guestimation Game
Running Time: 11 minutes

Struggling ever so greatly with my arms pulled high behind me, elbows together, hair tied back, Martin aggressively grabs me and slaps my face a few times, then shoves his fingers down my throat. In pain and in tears, he decides it’s time I kick my heels off and get on my toes to make the position harder. After doing so, he makes me guess how long we’ve been at it. My guess was 25 minutes which was a slight under-estimation on my part but I was close enough. Martin straps a 2″ ball gag into my mouth and re-ties my pony tail to my elbows to finish me off until I can no longer take it.

The Destruction of Asiana Part 4 – Speaking Volume
Running Time: 14 minutes

After Martin ties a crotch rope to my pussy and attaches it to the ceiling, it was almost too much. With my arms so high, me on my toes, the crotch rope tightly pressed up against my pussy, my hair, and the 2″ ball gag silencing my screams, it was all enough to send me into a tap out after 5 minutes. Martin brings me down, unties my arms, wrists, and hair, then makes me untie my ankles, and ungag myself.