Agony of Defeat Part 1 – Paralyzed
Running Time: 17 minutes

Tonight was a hard night for me. Don’t know why, but it was and here’s what happened. I was naked. Hot pink strappy heels, tight crotch rope, nice big ball gag tightly strapped, elbows crushed and tied to the back of the chair. Then Martin takes both legs and bends them back, securing each foot to opposite sides of the chair. Last thing he adds is my favorite… the neck rope, and ties that to the back of the chair as well. From this point forward, it all goes downhill from here…

Agony of Defeat Part 2 – The Destruction Begins
Running Time: 17 minutes

Completely silenced by the chair tie position – ball gagged and drooling, neck rope slightly restricting my air supply, elbows welded, crotch rope punishing my pussy, and my feet pulled up to the back of the chair. Hard for me to move, hard for me to utter a word, and hard for me to moan in pain. Spit runs down my chin, between my tits, over my stomach, and right over my rope covered clit… drenching the seat of my chair. Martin takes control of my air by pinching my nose as he knows how much I hate it. Then he decides it’s time to duplicate the position he had me in the night before…

Agony of Defeat Part 3 – Last Night’s Duplication
Running Time: 8 minutes

Last night in the bedroom, Martin tied me to a chair in such a delicious predicament where he had me punishing my own pussy and in his words, it was a home, fucking run! Tonight he wanted to duplicate that in the playroom. Everything in the playroom is always a different story than what it is in the bedroom – such a different feel and atmosphere. That must be why I somehow wasn’t able to handle the duplication. It all started with the crotch rope he had that was lifting my pussy off the chair. It was excruciatingly tight to begin with that when he asked me to give him a leg, I almost couldn’t do it. My elbows were tight behind my back and secured to the chair, my pussy was hoisted to the ceiling, and my right foot was tight to the other end of my crotch rope. I was to punish myself and there was nothing I could do about it. I lasted a good 4 minutes before I completely fell apart.

Agony of Defeat Part 4 – Re-Do
Running Time: 18 minutes

Part 3 of “Agony of Defeat” was the duplication of the night before’s position in which I failed to conquer. I tapped out in less than 5 minutes of that particular position and right after, I wanted to try again. So here we are again. Same position, same tie, same predicament only this time it was the same situation – I was defeated once again. Crying, drooling, squirming in my seat in agony, and unable to go any longer than 8 minutes.

Good Night, Tight – A Short Story
Running Time: 9 minutes

What a long day! Stressful day running errands and on top of that, it was a high of 109 here in AZ so I wasted no time falling asleep. Martin, however went to bed shortly after I did. He prepared for bed, got under the sheets, kissed me good night, and we were both out! The next morning was rough. I was still tired so I kinda over slept so Martin got up before I did and he had to pull the sheets away so I’d get up. When he did, there I was… blindfolded, gagged, and bound in leather in my comfy lingerie. Tied just enough to be able to throughout the night, but not too tight or it’d be impossible. I struggle around on the bed and to my delightful surprise, Martin climbs on top of me, lifts my dress up and touches my naked body all over. Morning bondage is equivalently as great as morning sex. Mmmm…. What a way to start the day!

Club Asiana Live Show June 12, 2014 Part 1 – We’re Back!
Running Time: 21 minutes

It’s been a while since our last live show. Took a lot of settling in, setting up, and catching up from the big move but we’re excited to finally be back doing the live shows! It’s not too nerve racking since this it’s not like we’re doing something you don’t already see, but what makes it all the more exciting is that we’re live. From beginning to end where we start off with some on-screen tying, all the way till the end where I un-gag myself, remove my nipple clamps, and regain all feeling in extremities. Tonight, Martin begins with a great chair tie. Wearing black laced and satin lingerie and 6″ heels, he ties my elbows together, then wraps rope around my ankles, then above and below my knees. A neck rope pulling me face-forward to my knees and then my mouth is gagged with a 2″ ball gag. It seems pretty simple at first but within the first few minutes, I learn very quickly how much of a strain the position has my legs and thighs in. Being to lean forward was beginning to eat away at my legs that I kept finding myself grab for the back of the chair for comfort. When it was clear to Martin that I was warmed up for more, he lifts me up out of the chair and puts me into a strappado.

Club Asiana Live Show June 12, 2014 Part 2 – Wet in More Ways Than One
Running Time: 21 minutes

21 minutes into the live show, Martin’s got me in a super sexy strappado. Elbows tied and hoisted to the ceiling, standing in some 6″ heels, ankles tied, knees tied, face pulled to my knees, and ass just begging for his attention! I try and turn myself slowly in a full circle without being told because I know what he wants to see… every angle of my body. The more I move, the more my legs wanna give out on me. I start to bend up and down from growing tired but doing this only works my legs even more. Martin ties my hair into a tight pony tail and wrenches my head back to my elbows, pulls my panties to the side, and drives his fingers inside me, making me squirt. In more ways than one, between the ice cold water he poured on me while in this position and him making me squirt, I was wet all over. Then he flogs me with the leather tails before he allows me to sit back down on the chair.