Club Asiana Live Show June 26, 2014 Part 3- Magic Tricks
Running Time: 24 minutes

Soaking wet, legs spread, on my toes, and trying to catch my breath. Martin orders me to keep my legs spread until he returns… not sure where he was going, but when he gets back, he dumps a pitcher of water all over me, then shoves a couple more ice cubes into my pussy. He lets me marinate in the puddle of water, my own spit, with ice cubes inside me before he allows me to remove the gag. Minutes later, I unbuckle the ball gag and strip down as I’m told and while I’m doing so, he comes back with another pitcher of water and ice cubes for another splash at me! Totally unexpected! Throughout the last 10 minutes of the show, he continues to shove ice cubes inside me while I stand spread until it’s time to wrap it up with having me remove the nipple clamps.

Squat Predicament Gone Bad – TOP SELLING CLIP!
Running Time: 20 minutes

We begin with a squat onto the pallet where my elbows are tied behind me and over the post. My legs are frogtied, ankles tied to my heels, with my knees spread and anchored down to the sides of the pallet. We were off to a great start and I LOVED how it looked and felt. Martin gags me with the 2 1/2″ ball gag and pulls my bikini top to the side to let my tits breathe. All I was wearing was a red top, sheer nude pantyhose, and red strappy heels. Tweezer clamps are squeezed onto my nipples and then Martin ties the nipple clamps down to the ring at the bottom front of the pallet. I sat frozen. Way too fearful to move. My eyes began to water and drool poured from beneath the gag. Even when Martin cuts a hole into the crotch of my pantyhose, I STILL didn’t budge! Fortunately for me… and UNfortunately for Martin, this awesome predicament ended abruptly when my poor little feet fell asleep. Guess this position calls for yet, ANOTHER “do-over challenge”. Until next time….

Hard Bound Orgasm Part 1 – Posted Up
Running Time: 15 minutes

Naked and on my toes… one of my favorites, as for Martin. Partially tied, front-facing the post with my ankles and knees tied together. Legs, torso, chest, and neck secured against the post, with my lower body being arched by a long piece of rope looped over the top. My hands are bound behind my back with my head pulled so far behind me that I had an extremely difficult time swallowing – which I HATE! Now all I could focus on was swallowing my spit, it was such a mind-fuck for me! Martin then brings my knees to the post and tightens them down, places nipple clamps on my tits, then unties my hair and pins my face sideways to the post. This is when the tears come into play.

Hard Bound Orgasm Part 2 – Crowning Point
Running Time: 12 minutes

Martin leaves me tied against the post while he sits for a smoke – as usual. I’m on my toes, legs bent, arms behind my back, with my knees, chest, and face pressed up against the post. He loves admiring me suffering for his pleasure. When his smoke break is done, he goes back to tying my hair to my wrists so my head is back and places the Hitachi between my pussy and the post. I try as hard as I can to grind the head, but because I’m in such a position that limits my movement, I can’t get myself to cum, but as soon as Martin steps in to give me a hand, he brings me to an orgasm within 3 minutes.

Git er Done Part 1 – In for a Wet One
Running Time: 20 minutes

This was a personal live show for one of our members and super, duper fan, Mario. Per his request, he wanted me in one of the red, strappy heels he had gotten me and an outfit of my choice. Mario’s not picky. He loves me in any position and loves everything bad Martin does to me so this time around, Martin knew EXACTLY what he wanted to do, so when the show began, he got right down to business. Totally unaware of what the plan was, apparently I wore the perfect outfit for what was going to be done. Starting with my elbows crushed behind me, the winch was used to raise my arms so that my wrists could be tied against my back. My mouth is gagged and then I’m placed on a kneeling position on top of the pallet with my ankles tied together and my legs bound, then also tied to my heels. As I get warmed up in position, Martin returns with a sprayer full of iced water, sprays me down just enough to get me shivering, and then secures my elbows to the post behind me. This is going to be great….

Git er Done Part 2 – One Chilled Asiana Coming Up!
Running Time: 16 minutes

My knees are beginning to hurt and though you may not see, what else hurts, are my toes that are pressed against the pallet inside my heels. The drool beneath my gag seems to be thicker as it streams onto the floor, hitting the concrete almost the same time my tears fall. I’m shivering uncontrollably and the more Martin soaks my half naked body, the harder the position gets. 110 degrees outside, 90 degrees inside the playroom, yet I’m freezing my ass off! My arms are going numb and every time the stream of ice cold water hits them, it somehow burns. Martin un-gags my mouth and I take the opportunity to express how much I thoroughly enjoy what’s going on. Mario requests that I’m soaked some more so Martin sprays me down until he’s all out of water before he even attempts to switch positions.

Git er Done Part 3 – One More Round For The Finale TOP SELLING CLIP!
Running Time: 22 minutes

Soaking wet and exhausted, Martin unties me and all I can do is rest. My extremities are asleep and I’m all out of energy. Soon as I gain feeling back in my arms and legs, I manage to sit up and remove my heels. Little did I know, we still had 15 minutes remaining so we went for another round. I strip my wet lingerie off my body, and step my naked self onto the ground. Martin ties my wrists and hoists me to the tips of my toes and has me spread my legs as wide as I can. He ball gags me, straps on a spreader bar to my ankles, shoves his fingers inside me to get me ready (not like I really need to be warmed up). He works me with the Hitachi and brings me to a screaming orgasm in 1 minute, then leaves me hanging while my weak body desperately wants out. Before he brings me down, he sticks his fingers inside me once more and makes me squirt, sucking the life out of me that much more.