Live Show For Mario Part 2 – Magic Wand Insertion
Running Time: 15 minutes

Tightly restrained to the pallet in an uncomfortable, twisted situation, drenched in my own flood of drool, and left to lay in it after being teased by the vibrator, then denied of my orgasm. Martin removes my heels, proceeds to t0rture my barefeet with the flogger, then again, leaves me as is before he comes back with the wand… only this time having an attachment on the head of the Hitachi, in which he inserts inside me. He works my pussy, maneuvering the attachment inside me until I cum. Unfortunately the video cuts off just before the magic happens so sadly, we don’t get to witness that great moment, bu tin the end, you do get to see just how destroyed I was!

Back in The Groove Part 1 – Gone Too Long
Running Time: 19 minutes

Well… it’s been 6 weeks since I had been tied like this. Getting tied up in the bedroom just doesn’t compare to getting wrecked in the playroom and I think we can all agree on that. This is where Martin no longer caters to me but does as he pleases… here is where I’m his little pain slut and now it’s time to finally break me in again. I’m wearing red high heels, red-laced boy shorts, and a red, topless corset. He warms me up by roughing me up – grabbing me by my hair, bending me over the table and smacking my ass, handling me by the tits, then strapping the biggest 2 1/2″ ball gag to the last hole. He ties my elbows together as far as they can go (which need some breaking in), ties a tight crotch rope around my waist, then has me bent over in a leg-spread position. Simple and effective. All I am to do is stand in place until I’m tired. Now that he’s got the tears flowing, he props me up on top of the table, and puts me into my favorite position… a hogtie.

Back in The Groove Part 2 – Topless Hogtie
Running Time: 15 minutes

So again… it’s been a while, and the best way to break me in was to put me in a hogtie… for as long as I can possibly go. My elbows need a little work but we’ll get there. With a tight crotch rope, the big 2 1/2″ ball gag (the one that makes my mouth hurt like hell after a while), and being tied in a way that immobilize almost every part of my body with the exception of my head. 20 minutes into the game and I’m starting to sweat. If you look closely as the camera gets a shot of my back side, you’ll see a small pool of sweat collected at the very arch of my lower back. Drooling profusely from the large gag in my mouth and wanting nothing more than to rest my face on the table but the puddle of spit is preventing me from doing so and Martin knows how much I hate it. I lift my head for a few seconds, then drop it as low as I can rest it so Martin decides to “help me” and tie my hair and pull my head back to my feet, then puts clothes pins on my nipples to bring me to another level…

Back in The Groove Part 3 – Right Where I Belong

Running Time: 17 minutes

My lips tightly wrapped around the huge red ball in my mouth… slowly making me salivate until the spit collects inside until I bite down on the ball and let myself drool aaallll over the table. Now I’m getting extremely restless and anxious to get out after a long, hard, 40 minutes, Martin FINALLY unties me! Freedom!

Money Shot Part 1 – Whip It Good
Running Time: 15 minutes

Semi-suspension and Martin all over me. White, see-through, skin-tight tights (no panties), white, platform heels, sexy laced bra with my tits pulled out, and gagged with a 2″ ball strapped deep inside my mouth. Arms over my head, ankles, knees, and thighs tied, crotch rope around my pussy, and nipple clamps on my extremely sensitive tits. Martin doing everything he can to bring the tears with the cat ‘ nine tails, the paddle, yanking my head back by my hair, spanking me, and lifting me off the floor by my crotch rope.

Money Shot Part 2 – Hit The Breaks
Running Time: 18 minutes

Martin continues with the sexy punishment to my body – the flogging, paddling, spinning me around while I’m in a semi-suspension, and lifting me off the ground. By now, I’m in a flood of drool, sweat, and tears – running down from my face, to my chin, and down between my tits. I hang there in exhaustion until he finally takes me down and attempts to tie my elbows and because I of the nipple clamps being tightened to an extreme from my arms being pulled back, resulted in a game over. I quickly get myself passed the moment so that we can continue as Martin ties me up again.

Money Shot Part 3 – Martin’s Target
Running Time: 19 minutes

Standing in heels, completely still. Knees and legs tied, crotch rope tight, elbows together, tits out with my wrists bound to my chest, ball gagged and drooling profusely. Martin puts my hair in a super tight pony tail and yanks my head back to my arms. Hardest thing about this simple tie, is that it makes the ball sit as deep as possible in my mouth – making it extremely difficult to swallow or keep my balance. The highlight of this scene is when Martin takes the camera, and moves in for the money shot. The view that hovers my face looking up at you. Eyes closed, head pulled back, mouth punished to the max, drooling, sweating, with the look of discomfort mixed with pleasure. In this position, I imagine that sexy, intimate moment when a long period of time of being bound and gagged and Martin feels I’ve had enough. I’ve already been pleasured prior to getting tied and now it’s his turn, so I wait – anxiously anticipating for him to cum all over my mouth. When he does, I love opening my mouth as much as I can, so that I can get some of it inside my mouth, then spit it back out. My favorite part of him finishing all over me, is when he dips his finger in the load that sits on top of the gag, swirls it around on my lips, over the gag, then takes some more and rubs it all over my tits. Every time I’m in the position… EVERY TIME. This is what I think of.