The Grueling Position That Takes Asiana Over Part 1 – And So It Begins…
Running Time: 16 minutes

Skin-tight red mini dress, red high heels, and nude, laced stockings. 2 1/2″ ball gag in my tiny mouth, and placed to sit on the chair. Elbows and wrists mashed together with rope above and below my breasts. Martin ties my ankles and knees, then pushes me down so that my chest is parallel to my thighs and attaches a rope in between with just enough slack of about an inch. Then he loops rope around my torso and brings more rope going from two points on my arms to the winch. I thought the position was tough enough until he unexpectedly pulls the chair out from underneath me, me to a painfully squatting stand. With my legs in such a bent position, it was almost impossible to hold myself up with my feet alone, so I immediately let go of all my body weight and let myself hang. Very uncomfortable! With the little bit of mercy Martin had, he ties more rope running across the back of my thighs and secures that to the ceiling as well to relieve some of the pressure. Having to hold myself up using legs, along with the rope tightening around my torso, making it hard for me to breathe, it didn’t matter what Martin did to help, I could no longer take it. He removes the rope around my torso and re-ties me in the same position, then pulls the chair away again hoping that this time I’ll last a little longer.

The Grueling Position That Takes Asiana Over Part 2 – Short Lived
Running Time: 14 minutes

Elbows and wrists tied tightly together, ankles tied, knees bent at a perfect 90 degree angle, tits out, mouth gagged, drool hitting the floor, knees tied, with my weight being held by the winch. Legs burning, mouth hurting, arms tingling, and in so much anguish that I can’t even move. I moan and groan, breathing hard and heavy, wishing the would end soon. Martin knots my hair into a pony tail and ties it back to my elbows and it’s then, that you truly see how difficult the position is for me. Drooling, crying, and sweating – the look on my face says it all. I tough it out for as long as I can until I come to a tap out.

Club Asiana Live Show August 21, 2014 Part 1 – Sexy Suffering
Running Time: 13 minutes

One of the things Martin LOVES about having me tied tight, heavily ball gagged, and in a position that has me “hunting for comfort” is how I suffer. My elbows are bound together and tied at the top of my chair, legs spread with each ankle tied to the legs, with a neck rope wrapped around my throat that pulling backward from my arms. These elements alone have me stressed. I’m drooling, , and squirming from side to side. Great start to a long-term position I’m about to endure.

Club Asiana Live Show August 21, 2014 Part 2 – On The Road To Nowhere

Running Time: 13 minutes

As I writhe about while my elbows are closely bound and my legs are are tied to the chair, saliva accumulating around the large ball gag in my mouth, Martin changes up my position by putting me in a flexible, bent, and twisty tie on the chair. Put in such an awkward and uncomfortable position and then removes only one of my heels, then takes a step back to watch me deteriorate.

Club Asiana Live Show August 21, 2014 Part 3 – Asiana Struggles…Finally
Running Time: 10 minutes

Elbows smashed together, wrists tied to the top of the chair, legs spread with my panties pulled up into my pussy, ankles tied to the legs of the chair, hair tied and pulled back with my neck tied to my knee, along with my mouth gagged, tits out, one heel on, one heel off. Body bent and tied in different directions and Martin is just enjoying the show. Now that he’s got me in a pursuit for any kind of comfort I can find, his job is done!

Club Asiana Live Show August 21, 2014 Part 4 – Wrong Answer
Running Time: 12 minutes

After finally releasing me from the steady misery of the chair tie, of course… the show’s not over. Martin stands me up by my hair, coils a noose around my neck, and has me tall high enough to put me to my toes. No rope. Just my naked, defenseless body, open to whatever else to come. Being to spread my legs and balance myself on my tippy-toes while being flogged by the cat-o-nine tails and every time I’m struck, it knocks me off balance. Martin then has me get down on all fours into a doggy position while he finishes me off with the crop – ending the show with my face full of tears and a chin full of drool.

Live Show For Mario Part 1 – Asiana Denied of Her Pleasure
Running Time: 16 minutes

This is a personal live show we did for a very special member of ours. I wore a very tight, very short, lacy, see-through turtle neck dress with nothing underneath, and a pair of pointy-toe, shiny black heels. Martin ties my elbows together, straps a 2″ ball gag in my mouth, and lays me onto the pallet. First tying my neck down to a corner point, next, securing my wrists to the base board behind my back, then strapping down each ankle at opposite end of the pallet so that my legs are spread in an awkward position. Martin then teases my pussy with the vibrating head of the Hitachi Magic Wand to the point of orgasm, then takes it away just before I cum.