Anything To Make Asiana Cry Custom Video
Running Time: 30 minutes

Hard tied or not, Martin has his ways of bringing on the tears… even from the most simplistic positions and it works every time. Knowing what needs to be used or done to send me over the edge is all it takes and it’s a wrap! A nice crucifix position with my barefeet planted to the platform and tied together, arms fully extended and tied at three points for good measure, a snug crotch rope to my naked body, topped off with a heavy neck rope to keep my head in place. Face turning dark red in color from the inability to breathe already. Martin adds the nipple clamps, uses the crop and then the cat-o-nine tails and there you have it – tears! Everything about the scene is so fantastic that he doesn’t stop there. On and on he goes, repeatedly doing all the things that make me cry.

Breath Control Games Custom Video TOP SELLING CLIP!
Running Time: 26 minutes

I knew before we started, that I was a bit psyched about this custom – mainly the breath control part. While I love the whole “breath control play” thing, I was nervous and excited to try it using the duct tape because I knew there was less control as oppose to Martin using his hand. I struggled with the scene from the get-go was definitely pushed me to my limit from the very start of the position! Where the difficulty began, was when my crushed elbows were brought up high enough so that my wrists were at mid-level to my upper body – that hurts! Then when Martin tied that rope around my torso, this is what made it hard for me to breathe. I knew right then and there, that the moment there is anything that is applied, that hinders my breathing, I’ll have one hell of a hard time defeating ANY position. Then my legs were spread. Oddly enough, because my heels were so damn high, it made it harder to stand – especially with my legs spread apart… that also affected my balance. Once that rope was looped around my neck, the fact that I was already swaying forward and backward made me tighten the noose each time I moved and you know (or hopefully you do) that when my breathing is restricted, I love it, so yes, I was definitely turned on. When duct tape was wrapped around my gagged mouth, I hate it (but love it at the same time) because often times, when I can’t breathe through my nose either because I’m crying too hard or for whatever reason, I breathe through my mouth. So when my gagged mouth was taped shut, I anticipated the true suffering. Every time Martin plastered that strip of tape over my nose, my natural reaction was to panic so it took some mental focus to teach myself to pace my breathing. Obviously it didn’t work well because I kept tapping out way too soon lol Very much enjoyed playing out this fantasy and would definitely do it again in different scenarios.

Hogtied In The Back Seat Part 1 – Asiana Puts Up a Struggle TOP SELLING CLIP!
Running Time: 13 minutes

Martin takes me on a bumpy ride this Saturday afternoon and I’m not havin’ it. I try to kick and scream and wriggle my way out of a hogtie but who am I really kidding. I know there’s no way out but that doesn’t stop me from trying. I’ve got my a short little sun dress and wedge heels with my elbows bound behind my back and my mouth stuffed with handkerchiefs, wrapped over with ace bandage. Hollering and hopping in the back of his suv but it doesn’t seem to phase him nor can I get anyone to hear or see me. I thought for sure, that driving through the city in broad day light would definitely spark some attention but unfortunately it didn’t go that way. At one point, Martin stops the car, pops the trunk, whips my tits out, then pulls my dress over my ass so he can get a better view of what’s underneath all my clothing. Not long after he gets back into the driver’s seat, I manage to flip myself onto my side and spit my gag out – this did NOT go over well with him.

Hogtied In The Back Seat Part 2 – Martin Shows Asiana How To Be Quiet
Running Time: 11 minutes

After putting up a defiant struggle in the back seat, Martin pulls over once again, pops the trunk, shoves the wad of handkerchiefs back into my mouth, and wraps more bandage over my head to keep me from pushing it back out. This time around, it was much tighter… for my own good. I was tired from struggling, my cries were merely muffles behind the gag, and my body was exhausted and beat from being tossed around from the bumpy ride.

Beaten Down Part 1 – Martin’s Fantasy
Running Time: 14 minutes

Martin plays out one of his all-time fantasies tonight by tying me up naked and leaving me all by myself. Alone on the dirty floor. The fact that he knows how much I hate being left alone, makes this fantasy MUCH MORE HOT! What you don’t know about what transpired before this scene, is that I was wearing pantyhose, no heels, with a short cheerleader style mini skirt, and topless. He made me strip all that down so that I was naked. He tied my elbows and wrists, sat me down on the cold concrete, tied my feet together, then tied my neck to my feet and shut the door behind him. This was one of those positions where I’m tied just enough to where I had very minimal room to struggle and that was the key. The key to break me down. Break me down in the slowest way possible.

Beaten Down Part 2- Martin Violates His Slut
Running Time: 15 minutes

Alone, naked, and tied on the dirty, cold, floor. It’s been 15 minutes now and I’m starting to get uncomfortable so I begin rocking myself from one side to the other, hoping to alleviate some of the strain on my neck. Each time I bend forward, the muscles in my legs hurt more, each time I lean to one side, the pain is subsided more that moment but when I get back into a sitting position, my legs hurt even more. Martin then comes into the room and straps a ball gag into my mouth, leaves the room, then comes back again, only this time, shoving his fingers into my pussy while I’m pushed over on my side. He leaves me alone again and the struggle continues…

Beaten Down Part 3 – Happy Camper
Running Time: 14 minutes

During the last 15 minutes of this scene, the position starts to really eat away at me and I begin rocking back and fourth, rocking forward trying to open my legs more, and then trying to position them into a butterfly – anything and everything to find comfort. Drool collecting at the front of my bare feet with the level of discomfort being at it’s peak. My natural reaction is to struggle but this only makes it all the more painful – kind of a fucked up scenario. Martin finally returns and when he does, he’s quite pleased. 45 minutes in this one position had me whimpering, moaning, and making noises that can only be created by a position that has completely broken me down.