Club Asiana Member Update January 7, 2013

Last week we introduced the Member’s Forum to Club asiana. It’s my hope that each and every member will take full advantage of the forum. We REALLY want want to stay in tuned with what members are thinking, what members want, and how members feel about what we’re delivering each week.

This week we have 5 video updates for Club Asiana Members this week! The preview video this week is INSANE!

Sunday – “Tie Me Down and Fuck Me Up”: My Punisher has me feeling completely helpless when he ties my hands and feet and brings them together and hoisted slightly off the pain table. For a little more leverage, he ties a piece of rope from my ankles to the end of the table and pulls me backwards, making the position even more difficult. Once he has my ass, thighs, and legs fully exposed and calling his name, he goes for the cat-o-nine tails and begins to whip me for over ten minutes straight. In tears after the first few blows, I can already feel the burn each time those leather tails hit my ass and legs but not to worry because he found a delicious and perfect way to keep me moaning for me – a little something to please this pussy hides beneath my skimpy panties but you’ll never know what it is until you listen very quietly… 😉

Monday – “She Likes It Part 1 – On My Knees”: Wearing a leather one-piece, high heels, mouth gagged, and in for a fun new way to try out our new noose. The feeling of being in pain and or pleasure while my breathing is constricted gives me a euphoric high. My elbows are tied first and I am brought to my knees on the tile floor. My ankles are crossed behind me, then tied together. While in an upright position, the noose is looped around my neck to somewhat hold me in place so that each time I try to fall forward, backward, or move about, the noose gets tighter. I can feel the cold, hard floor pressing hard against my knees as they begin to hurt. Slowly my arms start to tingle and then my legs begin to shake as it gets harder to stand on my knees but remember, no matter how tired I get, I can not move or my air supply decreases with each movement. I close my eyes to take in the pain as I focus on remaining still and just as I drift into my high, I am released from this predicament.

Thursday – “She Likes It Part 2 – Gruesome Hogtie”: Picking up right where we left off in She Likes It Part 1 – On My Knees, the scene starts off while I am still on my knees in an upright position, elbows crushed behind my back, and noose tightly around my neck. The rope around my neck is removed and I am laid on the floor as is. From one position to the next and we have hogtie. Whipping my ass and my back until I cry so hard, it takes a minute to re-gain my composure. Then my Punisher picks me up, unties my feet, and puts me in a strict strappado – arms up high, crotch rope to the pussy, ankles crossed, and bent forward with my neck tied to my knees. Spanking me, pulling me around by my crotch rope, and whipping my ass some more while I turn circles in place to give him access of every part of my body. Over 30 minutes from one position to another has again left me EXHAUSTED!

Friday – “Asiana is Owned”: Dressed in a sexy pair of boy short panties, a bra and black stiletto heels, my legs are spread to the widest pat of the metal spreader bar and my elbows are pinned together so that they’re touching. A black pantyhose stocking in pulled over my head and a hole is cut out for my mouth so that my Punisher can stick his fingers in my mouth at his leisure. My hair is tied and my head is forced back as far as it can go, and a rope is attached from my hair to a crotchrope, so everytime I try to pull my head forward the crotchrope digs deeper and deeper into my pussy.

Saturday – “First Cums Pleasure, Then Cums Pain”: When I’m all tied up – elbows touching, feet under my legs and tied together so tight that I can feel both legs literally throbbing in pain, arms going numb from being tied for so long, and rope wrapped around my neck then head lifted to the ceiling so that my breathing is slightly restricted – IT HURTS! But when that Hitachi Magic Wand is strapped to my pussy and hitting that spot and it’s on maximum vibe, the pain is clouded by pure ecstasy and all I can do is close my eyes and fantasize about all the kinky things I love being done to me but since I’m so horny, I explode into my pantyhose in minutes and once I cum and the adrenaline subsides in my body, the pain starts to come back. Slowly I start to feel the numbness in my arms again, the tight squeeze of the ropes around my thighs, and my breathing becomes shallow again. The feeling is so intense it’s unlike anything else!