Slut Position Part 2 – Assume The Position
Running Time: 18 minutes

While I’m naked and tied down in doggy position, arms in a strappado with my elbows pressed together. Knees spread, nipples clamped, and me, making all the muffled cries and moans behind my tightly packed mouth while Martin slowly inserts the anal hook inside me. No way for me to resist or move away but take it. The only thing I’m able to move are my feet… which Martin despises, so, he ties them down too and finishes me off by inserting the attachment on the Hitachi and working my pussy until I orgasm- pussy squirting and all…

Running Time: 15 minutes

Last night, we ended our typical Saturday together freshening up in the shower before bed. 90% of the time, I walk straight into the closet to choose a pair of heels unless Martin has some special request. I come back out, naked, in a pair of red, super high, open-toe heels. Soon as I approach the bed, Martin turns me around and ties my elbows together, wraps a belt around my neck, and gags my mouth. Straight to business. Tonight was a little different though because he tied me up first – usually things don’t go down this way – AND – instead of being led to the bed, he takes me by the arms and walks me downstairs and into the playroom. It’s midnight and though we’re not on the East Coast, being naked in a 50 degree room is still pretty chilly. He ties, legs spread on the chair, attaches a piece of rope with the other end to my crotch and leaves me there until I tap. Even though this doesn’t seem like a hard position, because of the placement of my hands behind my back, along with the crotch rope being pulled to the ceiling, I was ready to call it quits before my time was up. Once the timer went off, we shut down in the playroom, and head to the bed for some REAL ACTION.

Club Asiana Live Show December 18, 2014 Part 1 – Another Bad Decision On Asiana’s Part
Running Time: 18 minutes

Another bad decision made on my part when I chose to wear a pair of 6″ strappys during tonight’s live show. I should’ve known that whenever Martin sees me in heels that hurt my feet, he makes me stand… or squat. I start by straddling the pain table while my mouth is gagged with a 2″ ball gag and my elbows are tied together. Martin lifts my arms high enough to bring me into a squat and ties my ankles and thighs together. Right away, he knows this is something that’ll slowly eat away at me because already, I’m beginning to fall apart, so he finalizes his rope work by tying my wrists around my torso and then looping rope around my neck, and tying it to the rope connecting my arms to the ceiling.

Club Asiana Live Show December 18, 2014 Part 2 – Unmanageable Situation
Running Time: 12 minutes

I’m on my knees in a kneeling position with my elbows tightly tied together, my wrists bound to my torso, and the rope around my neck pulled to back to the rope running down from the ceiling. Drooling profusely and falling apart very rapidly. Shaking and doing everything I can to shift my body into different positions, trying to find comfort. While I was able to manage getting my feet flat on the table, I was unable to manage the position, so quickly fell back into a kneel. Another unmanageable situation for me.

Club Asiana Live Show December 18, 2014 – Part 3 – Intermission
Running Time: 15 minutes

After 35 minutes of being put in a kneeling frog tie on top of the pain table, Martin unties me for a much-needed intermission. But do know that he didn’t let me out until he completely broke me down. Until I was in tears, drenched in my own saliva, and trembling from the difficulty of the position. Five minutes of recess and Martin was back on me with the rotating turntable – tying my elbows together, my hair in a ponytail, then laying me on top of the disc to display my tightly tied self.

Club Asiana Live Show December 18, 2014 Part 4 – Hogtie Finale
Running Time: 26 minutes

The 18 minutes of the show ended with me tightly tied on top of the rotating turntable. Gagged, drooling, and terrified of somehow falling off. I did not move an inch, nor did I attempt to move or adjust my position. Each spin around was as horrifying as the last and when it was finally over, it was such a relief to be untied!

Cinder Block Predicament Part 1 – Throw Back
Running Time: 15 minutes

Red corset, garters, black laced stockings, and 6″ heels. Elbows crushed, rope around my chest, rope around my pussy, and rope around my neck. Martin gags my mouth with a 2 1/2″ ball gag, ties my elbows to the ceiling, and rope around my knees and ankles so I’m in a standing straight position. Drooling over the huge gag buckled tightly in my mouth and trying to maintain balance on my aching feet. Then before adding the next element into the game, Martin reminds me that what he’s about to do is something we hadn’t done in a while. He brings in the cinder block which is then added as a weight to the crotch rope and let’s go so it’s being held strictly by my pussy.