The Thinker Part 1
Running Time: 16 minutes

Another position that Martin puts me in, that breaks me down… very slowly. Kneeling on the pallet on one knee with my other foot tied to my leg so it stays stationary. Elbows tied and arms pulled into a strappado with my neck pulled down to my knee. The leg that’s extended is secured to the corner point of the pallet, and my mouth is gagged with layers of rope. Simple, yet effective position that Martin knows will take it’s course. At 6 minutes, I start getting a little uncomfortable so he shortens the rope between my neck and my knee, then pulls my arms higher. Then at 12 minutes, I start shaking uncontrollably and it all goes downhill from there.

The Thinker Part 2
Running Time: 13 minutes

After 20 minutes of the position eating away at my strength, shaking, drooling, and bearing down on the pain, Martin gives me 6 minutes to go, placing a timer at my foot for me to watch the time slowly tick by. And like a good girl, I manage to get through to the end!

Asiana Uncomfortable Part 1
Running Time: 13 minutes

The scene starts with me already gagged and tied with my ankles secured to each end of the pallet and my knees spread. Leaning back with nothing but my arms to hold me up and a noose to add a bit of action. The huge 2 1/2″ ball gag jammed inside my mouth makes it so difficult to breathe that I’m almost lost in my own world trying to maintain consciousness. Martin drops my top to expose my tits and lifts my dress over my hips so he has access to my pussy. Taking the flogger to my thighs and adding clamps to my nipples. He then removes the gag so he can hear me protest my suffering. Arching forward, adjusting my hands, and trying to find comfort in my legs. He puts a clothes pin on my tongue and demands that I don’t let it fall. I’m in tears, with drool down to my chest, and quivering from the stress of the position. As I grow weak, I begin to relax my body but end up tightening the noose around my neck which quickly makes me bounce back into tense mode. Let’s see how long I can hold down this position….

Asiana Uncomfortable Part 2
Running Time: 18 minutes

Still crying, still having a hard time breathing, still spread, still giving it my all to keep up when I’m completely falling apart. Martin questions how much longer I have in me to go. “Five minutes” was my reply and thank fucking goodness he’s happy with that answer. Although I wasn’t honestly sure if I could really go that long, I sure as hell tried. He asks me if I want an orgasm but I’m too far gone to respond – also because I didn’t believe I could. Martin gambles on his chances and without hesitation, begins working me. My natural response is to relax and fully take in the pleasure, but with me tied in such a way that I have to keep my back arched and my arms planted on the pallet or else I’ll myself, I have no choice but to enjoy the best way I can. Workin’, workin’ and workin’ the pussy until I let out an uncontrollably loud orgasm!

Club Asiana Live Show January 29, 2015 Part 1 – Asiana Runs The Show
Running Time: 21 minutes

Martin puts me in a position that I could not handle in today’s live show. A tie that took him 17 minutes to complete and seconds for me to tap out. He was not happy but I couldn’t manage… what was I to do. He had me sitting on the bench. Legs spread wide and anchored down to each end, elbows tied with my hands pulled to my sides, and rope around my chest and upper body. The part that had me defeated was the fact that I was pulled back at the arms just enough for me to be in a lean, yet not enough to make me fall. My only was of sitting up was to hold myself forward. As if the situation wasn’t tough enough, Martin ties my neck down to a point between my legs which didn’t benefit me in managing the position.

Club Asiana Live Show January 29, 2015 Part 2 – Unruly Behavior
Running Time: 16 minutes

Martin gives some time to regain my composure while we re-cap what exactly went wrong. He leaves me to cry it out, drool all over myself, and writhe around in suffering – still tightly bound and gagged. He puts tweezer clamps on my nipples, let’s me suffer a little while longer, then proceeds to untie me for Plan B.

Club Asiana Live Show January 29, 2015 Part 3 – Martin’s Redemption
Running Time: 19 minutes

I go through the process of untying the rest of the rope that Martin had left for me to finish, un-gag myself, and remove the nipple clamps, which takes me an good 10 minutes. Once I’m free, Martin ties my wrists together, leaving me no more time for recuperation, places me into a semi-suspension, unfastens my one-piece outfit from the bottom and lifts it over my hips, then removes my heels for my naked body to hang helplessly for the remainder of the show.