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Make Up Sex Part 4 – 19 Minutes My Ass!
Running Time: 13 minutes

Continuing on, waay past the 19 minute mark, in pain, uncomfortable, and now, disobedient to Martin’s requests, he punishes me for being non-compliant. He wrenches my elbows tightly together again after having them tied for almost 45 minutes straight. Tears flood my face INSTANTLY! Still at it with the mind-fuck, Martin drills my brain with psychological torment and pushes me over the edge to the point of tap out but he keeps me in place until I complete the 5 additional minutes I promised him.

Hooked on Bondage Part 1 – My
Running Time: 12 minutes

Let me tell you how I fell in love. It all began in February 2012 around the first few times I was ever tied. It started in what we called, The Pain Shed. It was a tiny room with no connection to the house that was cold, rugged, and dim. I was a complete bondage virgin these days so when Martin proceeded to tie me up, it was quite vanilla with a mix of S&M. We hardly knew one another so the routine began the moment he arrived at the house. I was dressed and ready for him in what he loves most – naked and heels and met him in the shed. Right away, we got down to business and the thrill of each and every play time is never knowing what will be done to me. He tied my wrists and hooked me up to the ceiling. I was naked, blindfolded, and hoisted to my toes and with every second, I anticipated what his next move was going to be. The feeling I got as I hung naked in vulnerability was so erotic to me. The fact that I couldn’t see, excited me, the fact that I was tied allowed me to experience the feeling of giving up all control and placing it in his hands. I was his at this moment – to do with WHATEVER HE WANTED. All emotion and lust to want more was overwhelming – I was hooked. 2 years later, the level of excitement that hits my body and mind have not changed but the positions have! This same position that Martin has me in was exactly how he had me in the pain shed only this time it is much longer in duration and intense. This time, without mercy, he hoists me so far off the ground, I could barely spin my body around with the tips of my toes and this goes on for over 20 minutes! At first he had me panel gagged, and then he cuts my panties off and shoves them in my mouth. I just LOVE how the level of pain and strictness in the bondage has progressed and how much I LOVE it!

Hooked on Bondage Part 2 – Can’t Fight The Feeling
Running Time: 10 minutes

Being in this position is one of my favorites to be in. So simple and vanilla, yet allows my Punisher to manhandle my body. My ankles are tied, my hands are tied above my head, I am blindfolded and my wet panties are shoved inside my mouth. I can feel him circling me as if I were his prey. Touching me sensually as we exchange sexual gestures, and then he moves in with the hand over my mouth as he pulls my head back by the hair. I love being tied up in ways that my body is easily accessible to his hands!

Pantyhosed Pussy Part 1 – Spread to the Chair
Running Time: 15 minutes

Tied to the cold metal chair in lingerie and heels. My elbows are crushed together and my legs are spread and tied to the chair but this is only the beginning. My wrists are pulled down and tied to the bottom bar of the chair, and then I’m gagged with a sexy red ball gag which was strapped on extremely tight! The position seemed to be tolerable until the noose was wrapped around my neck and hoisted to the ceiling. With no choice but the have my head back, I was also unable to control the drool that had been wanted to run down my throat. Martin approaches me with the clamps and bites them down onto my tits – I felt as though there was not much more he could do to make the situation worse but he kept on with it and finished me off with a tight pony tail pulled down and secured to the chair!

Pantyhosed Pussy Part 2 – When Things Go From Bad to Worse!
Running Time: 18 minutes

What started off as a great chair tie with my ankles tied, neck noosed, and my elbows wrenched, quickly become an entirely different ball game once hair was tied and pulled back and clamps were added to my tits. The tears came the moment I lost the ability to move my head and as always, I had a very difficult time swallowing the drool that had no where else to go but down my throat. I was completely overwhelmed by all the pain in my mouth, my neck, my hair, my tits, my arms, and my legs!

108 Minutes – Intermission
Running Time: 6 minutes

Because we went on longer than our usual hour of play and since I got worked so hard during the very first position, Martin decided to be nice this time and give me a little bit of an intermission. 6 minutes out of 108 minutes of non-stop bondage wasn’t long enough for me to regain myself which is why we wanted to share with you, what it’s like after being tied and gagged in some MEAN positions after 62 minutes. Rope marks all over my body, drool all over myself, a tear-stained face, a huge hole in the crotch of my pantyhose, and I’m still having a great time. I stretch my arms, catch my breath, and then prepare to pick up exactly where we left off.

108 Minutes Part 1 – 10 Minutes Into The Game
Running Time: 10 minutes

This is only the start of a long and hard, 108 minute session. In the playroom, our bondage foreplay typically last an hour but today I guess Martin wanted to see just how long I could really go. I would think that if this was his plan, he’d carry it out more carefully by pacing himself in how he handled me but he didn’t. He ties my elbows together, puts me in a strappado, ties my hair and pulls it back to the hoist, then shoves a 2″ ball gag into my tiny mouth. Now for someone who gets tied up ever day, getting my elbows wrenched and my mouth gagged should be a walk through the park but because my Punisher knows how to tweak each position, he knows what triggers my tears to fall. He sees that I’m already struggling so with one more click of the winch, he raises my arms just little higher then comes in, takes my pony tail, and aggressively jerks my head back. That was all it took and 10 minutes into the game, I was already crying!