Going For The Goal Custom Video Part 1 – Halfway Point
Running Time: 15 minutes

This was a position that I had never tried and Martin had ever rigged. We had tested out the position before-hand in a previous video we did, titled, “Fighting For Air” but this one is still very different in a few ways. This one using a spreader bar to keep my legs spread wide and the rope tethered across my neck and secured to the spreader bar. Naked, blindfolded, ring gagged, and wrists fastened to each end of the spreader bar. The rope going from my neck to the bar was pulled so tight that any time I let myself get into any state of relaxation, my immediate response is to arch myself back in order to relieve as much pressure off my throat as I can. This goes on for an entire 15 minutes – already in position from start to finish.

Going For The Goal Custom Video Part 2 – Triumph!
Running Time: 16 minutes

Prior to shooting this video, because we saw this position as a challenge, I gave myself a goal of 30 minutes. We actually shot a first take and we were 5 minutes into the scene when Martin stopped rolling because he hated the blindfold we used. When I learned that those 5 minutes were pretty tough, I thought to myself that I surely wasn’t passing the 15-minute mark. Martin switched blindfolds on me and we started over. Amazingly, I got through the 15 minutes and to my own surprise, I told myself I could go a little longer. Pushing through till the end, I made it to my 30-minute goal but it was not without a lot of shaking, drooling, hardcore endurance.

Club Asiana Live Show January 15, 2015 Part 1 – That Escalated Quickly
Running Time: 18 minutes

Black, one-piece fishnet stockings, black and chrome platform heels and me as Martin’s muse. He starts by welding my elbows together, straps a 2″ ball gag in my mouth, tying a super tight crotch rope, pulls my arms into a strappado but because I failed to bend forward, I was in a standing position with my arms hiked up to the ceiling. When he finishes the tie with my crotch rope secured to my wrists, he wastes no time and starts lashing me with the leather tails – making me turn in place or else I’m punished. Knowing there’s so much more he can do to improve the pain, he ties my hair into a tight pony tail, pulls my head back to my elbows, then ties my ankles to complete the position.

Club Asiana Live Show January 15, 2015 Part 2 -Shoulder-Breaking Strappado
Running Time: 18 minutes

I’m in a position where my arms are pulled so high, that I have no ability to cry about anything. My arms are pulled to the ceiling, big ball gag inside my tiny mouth, head pulled as far back as it can go, and a crotch rope punishing my pussy. An excruciatingly HARD strappado that I’m filled with spit and tears but when Martin attests to his cock being hard for me, it makes it all worth the suffering so I deal with the pain until he pulls me down for a quick rest before his next devious plan.

Club Asiana Live Show January 15, 2015 Part 3 – Cum Countdown
Running Time: 25 minutes

With my mascara-stained face and my spit covered chin, Martin immediately demands that we play a game to end the show. My instructions are to walk from one end of the room to the other KNOWING that what makes this hard for me is not only the tight rope that’s digging inside me, nor the firmly pressed elbows, but the nipple clamps that are swaying from my tits as I move. I’ve got 10 seconds to make it across and if I don’t, the punishment calls for weights added to the nipple clamps. As Martin begins counting, I scurry to the opposite end in relief, only this time, my task is to do it again… with Martin counting a little faster. I make it just in time and since I made it look too easy, he ties my head back to my elbows making it almost impossible to walk! This time I’m given 12 seconds to complete the walk. Succeeding once again, my last task is to make it to the wall and back within 15 seconds tops but as soon as I do, I’m on the floor in both pain and relief. Martin demands that I then remain on my knees with my legs spread. This is my que to assume the position. I close my eyes, tilt my head back, and lust over the thought of all the times I’m in this position. Smacking my lips around the ball gag that sits perfectly in my mouth… waiting… imagining in my fantasies for Martin to finish all over me.

Chain Reaction Part 1 – The Remix
Running Time: 16 minutes

After a new member had shared their love for steel bondage and handcuffs, I was reminded of a video we had done a while back called, “Good Girls Know Their Place”. I spent time watching the video which I probably haven’t seen since it was edited and realized how much Martin and I wanted to duplicated the scene. This time I was naked and barefoot. Gagged, chain around my throat and pulled to the ceiling, handcuffs on my wrists, elbows and ankles, and me on my toes. Circling in place as I try to maintain breathing and balance. Martin puts the nipple clamps on my tits and taunts me with the crop until I obey his orders to keep moving.

Chain Reaction Part 2 – Breathless Orgasm
Running Time: 18 minutes

Naked and bare foot on the small platform, set there to psychologically fuck with my head, I am still trying to maintain my balance with my elbows, wrists, and ankles are bound by handcuffs and I’m being held on my toes by a thick chain around my neck. After some time, Martin removes the cuffs around my ankles, detaches the chain from the ceiling, then re-attaches it a notch higher. Instantly, I’m on my toes and grasping for air – very difficult for me to breath now, and now, a more appropriate that he make me cum in this predicament. Martin forces me to a spread and works me with the wand until I come to such an exhilarating orgasm that leaves me literally speechless!