Cinder Block Predicament Part 1 – Throw Back
Running Time: 15 minutes

Red corset, garters, black laced stockings, and 6″ heels. Elbows crushed, rope around my chest, rope around my pussy, and rope around my neck. Martin gags my mouth with a 2 1/2″ ball gag, ties my elbows to the ceiling, and rope around my knees and ankles so I’m in a standing straight position. Drooling over the huge gag buckled tightly in my mouth and trying to maintain balance on my aching feet. Then before adding the next element into the game, Martin reminds me that what he’s about to do is something we hadn’t done in a while. He brings in the cinder block which is then added as a weight to the crotch rope and let’s go so it’s being held strictly by my pussy.

Cinder Block Predicament Part 2 – Martin Is Not Pleased
Running Time: 21 minutes

Due to my unbearably aching feet and my inability to stand, Martin is to remove my heels and show off my sexy, pantyhosed feet. Better to remove them than to completely untie me, right?? I’m left in position with my heels kicked to the side and as my form of punishment, Martin takes the rope from my elbows to the ceiling, hoists me until I’m on my toes, then drops the cinder block that hangs by my pussy. Immediately I’m taken by the pressure and the weight but Martin will not budge! He decides to exclude the block but leave me tied and on my toes until he’s finished with his cigarette.

Fighting For Air
Running Time: 12 minutes

Topless, pantyhose, knee-high, high heel boots, ball gagged, and bound on the pain table. Thighs tied to my ankles, wrists tied to my boots, and rope across my neck, then pulled back to my feet. Drooling and fighting for air by opening my mouth to suck in as much life as possible, then closing my eyes to help me focus on NOT passing out! lol Martin binds my elbows as close as possible, then meticulously wrapping the remainder of the rope around the rope that connects my neck to my feet. Now even more difficult to breathe, I struggle for comfort AND for air but it doesn’t take me long before I tap out… way too soon for Martin’s expectations.

Martin’s Alter Ego Custom Video Part 1 Asiana’s Part 1
Running Time: 13 minutes

Martin Williams has got a wicked dark side and when he hires Asiana Starr for a “vanilla” shoot, his sinister ways are awakened when he meets her for the first time. Though he’s very much against the thought, he can’t help himself at this point, as she’s got the look that makes him wanna do bad things to her bondage virgin body. She arrives at his house, they discuss the terms of the shoot, she excuses herself to freshen up, and Martin pops a pill that enlivens the evil within. As she’s dolling herself up in the restroom, Martin transforms into the devilish creature that lays dormant inside him and the next thing you know, Asiana awakens, semi-suspended in his lair. iling.

Martin’s Alter Ego Custom Video Part 2
Running Time: 16 minutes

Asiana remains semi-suspended on her toes inside Martin’s foggy lair. Stripped down to her undergarments and cleave gagged while her hands are tied above her head, moaning in agony as her wrists are hurting. Martin circles her helpless body – groping her thighs, her breasts, and breathing in her scent. She struggles and screams but can’t get away. Martin works at her bra and panties, slicing them off with a large knife, then attempts to run the tip of the blade across her side, her stomach, and her sensitive nipples.

Martin’s Alter Ego Custom Video Part 3
Running Time: 18 minutes

Naked, body moist from the fog and heat of Martin’s lair. Struggling to stay on her toes as she bites down on the gag between her teeth. Martin sees that she’s in pain and distress and this only feeds his desire to have his way with her and her vulnerable body. He whips her mercilessly with leather tails, striking her from her legs, to her stomach, to her tits. Over and over until she begs him to stop. Especially her breasts. Pleading for mercy as her delicate nipples are on fire! This, giving Martin ideas, he take a cube of ice and drips it over her burning tits, then running them repeatedly over her nipples as she screams in pain. As this is not enough for poor Asiana, he finishes her off with the wardenburg pinwheel being driven across her nipples until she’s exhausted from the agony.

Martin’s Alter Ego Custom Video Part 4
Running Time: 18 minutes

Martin continues to torment Asiana, her to spread her legs as wide as she can. Placing cinder blocks under each foot and spreading them apart while her hands remain tied above her head and pulled so tight, that she is on her toes. He grabs and her and runs his hands all over her body aggressively, then taunts her with the vibrating dildo . He hovers the toy over her face and then down her body, shoving it into soaking pussy. Asiana isn’t sure whether she wants more or not but this doesn’t phase Martin as he thrusts the dildo deep inside her until she cums and *Asiana Starr Personal Favorite