Tube Sock Struggle Custom Video Part 1
Running Time: 14 minutes

Wife beater with no bra underneath, short, tight booty shorts, and long, white, tube socks. Elbows tightly pressed together, mouth stuffed to capacity and rope gagged over, with my knees and ankles bound together. Struggling all over the bed and protesting through my gag for Martin to release me.

Tube Sock Struggle Custom Video Part 2
Running Time: 15 minutes

After putting up an exhausting struggle, I’ve worn myself hot, tired, and out of breath. Now that I’m out of energy and my elbows are hurting, Martin makes me come to him. It takes me a little bit, but I manage to roll myself off the bed and hop the rest of the way to the couch. I lower my firmly tied body onto his lap and he immediately starts roughing me up. Taking a handful of my hair and pulling my head back. Running his hands all over me and spanking me. Must be the fact that I’m so tightly tied and sit so perfect on his lap… or maybe it’s the fact that I’m so wet even though I’m weak and in distress…

Club Asiana Live Show February 12, 2015 Part 1
Running Time: 20 minutes

Platform heels, bra, and short, tight skirt. Arms are box tied, mouth gagged with a 2″ gag, and to squat on the pallet. Rope going from the one around my neck to a small hook in front and another piece of rope tied to my arms and secured to the back of the pallet, pulling me in the opposite direction. Rope going from the ceiling to my arms, then more wrapped around my legs and heels to keep my body tightly compact. Martin then finishes with my neck pulled back, my hair tied into a tight knot, and a few more adjustments to make sure everything’s nice and tight. Unable to push forward, fall backward, spread my knees, sit taller, nor lean side to side. Only thing I’m able to do is tire myself out – which is precisely Martin’s plan.

Club Asiana Live Show February 12, 2015 Part 2
Running Time: 17 minutes

After some time, my legs have now grown tired and having to hold myself in an upright position was getting much harder. Leaning, swaying, rocking, and squirming in any direction that would give me comfort was not doing me any good. Luckily for everyone else, Martin is set on his time and he was sticking to it. He unties me, takes me off the platform, and stands me up straight. He ties my arms to the ceiling, my neck to the rope that holds me up, pulls my tits out and places clamps on them, then crosses and binds my ankles together.

Club Asiana Live Show February 12, 2015 Part 3
Running Time: 36 minutes

Now 40 minutes into the live show and Martin’s got me in a standing, ankles crossed position. Heels, short, tight skirt, tits out, nipple clamps, mouth gagged with a 2″ gag, hair pulled back tight and secured so I can’t tilt my head down. Drooling, having a hard time breathing from the massive amount of rope looped around my neck, and arms box tied behind me. This is the position I’m left in until the remainder of the hour – ending it with me completely worn out while I remove the clamps off my delicate nipples.

Starr Position Re-Imagined Custom Video Part 1
Running Time: 11 minutes

The THIRD re-make of the original, “Level 10 Bondage – Starr Position” makes it’s debut again… only this time… “re-imagined” by yet, another member. Seems as if this position is loved by so many of us, included Martin and I. Same position – naked in heels, legs spread, arms extended, ball gagged with the largest gag we have, but with WIRE! I, personally, LOVE the way it looks and feels. Cold, thin, shiny, sexy, and rugged in appearance. Even with wire, Martin was able to achieve the strictness as you can see in my hands and my face. A lengthy piece is wrapped around my neck many, many times and by the color in my skin, it’s evident that it’s hard to breathe. Even the crotch rope around my ass and pussy is tight! He whips me all over my naked body to get a reaction, but the gag is so big and the wire around my throat is so tight that I could hardly scream. Then he removes the wire around my pussy and attempts to work me to orgasm.

Starr Position Re-Imagined Custom Video Part 2
Running Time: 14 minutes

Martin removes the wire from around my pussy and begins working me with the Hitachi. My hands are purple from the loss of flow, feet hurting from standing, mouth aching from the huge gag, and spit running down from my chin to my pussy. The hardest part of the position for me, was the fact that it was so hard to breathe. But after 7 minutes or so, I finally cum and I cum so hard, that the combination of the lack of air and the orgasm made for a silent one… go figure! LOVE, LOVE, LOVED this scene!