Club Asiana Member Update February 3, 2014


Damn! What a fantastic week of updates we have inside Club Asiana! How does over 80 minutes of video updates this week sound to you? I’ll tell you how it sounds… mighty fuckin impressive! I’m having more fun wrecking Asiana’s gorgeous body than one man should be allowed! And if you’re not already a member, you’re missing out on some of the BEST bondage that the Internet has to offer, featuring the absolutely stunning Asiana Starr! Do yourself a favor and JOIN NOW!

Last week Asiana and I built a post for the Playroom. If you didn’t get to see Asiana sanding the wooden post (hahaha) on Twitter, then all I can say is ‘Shame on you’. I wasted no time putting the new post to use. The first position is called “Toughest Position To Date” and features Asiana in a strict strapaddo complete with lingerie and strappy 6″ heels. I completely destroyed her! The second post position is called “Keep Calm, It’s Just Bondage” where you’ll see Asiana in a pair of crotchless pantyhose – her mouth STUFFED to capacity and sealed with wrap; elbows crushed and her hair pulled to the top of the post so that she’s onto her toes. The icing on the cake was a pair of nippleclamps. Fuckin awesome!

In case you don’t already know, this week is Asiana’s birthday – February 7th. If you’re a fan and you want to surprise her with something, you can go to her Amazon Wish List by following this link.

If you have a special idea in mind that you’ve been wanting me to do to Asiana, you can purchase a custom video for a low as $100. Simply drop me an email at with your ideas and we’ll go from there.


This week’s Club Asiana updates…

Toughest Position To Date Part 2 – Out of My Element
Running Time: 12 minutes

Before I officially tap out, Martin salvages the position and removes my gag cause he’d be DAMNED if he had to untie me way too soon! Now that I’m un-gagged, I can’t control myself. Breathing heavy, screaming, crying, and quickly nearing my end.

Toughest Position To Date Part 1 – Predicting a Fail
Running Time: 16 minutes

We had just put together a standing post and tonight was the night we break this bad boy in. What excites the both of us, is that with this device, he’s able to put me in a position which was not as easy to do when we tried it against the wall once before. At least now, Martin’s got a great view and more access to my body. All excitement quickly turned to anguish once he flipped me forward to tie the back of my arms against the post. Having to share the space of the platform with my entire bent-over body was extremely difficult – I could hardly fit my feet on the board. Then with my mouth being gagged with a ball gag and wrapped over, there was no where for my drool to go, but sit inside my mouth. I had a terrible feeling that I wasn’t going to last very long. The more I began focusing on the drool, the more it seemed to accumulate in my mouth. The more I cried, the more my nose would stuff, and the more my nose would stuff, the harder it got for me to breathe. I was fucked in so many ways!

Pantyhose Slut Part 1 – Fun With The Ring Gag Harness
Running Rime: 12 minutes

Topless, nude crotch-less pantyhose, shiny red high heels, and a KICK ASS position using the ring gag harness! My elbows are tied, rope around my chest, knee lifted and tied to the winch, while the head harness holds me standing in place. Having to balance myself on one foot was quite a challenge but I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed this one!

Pantyhose Slut Part 2 – Easy Access
Running Time: 17 minutes

The position gets demanding when the foot of my suspended knees is attached to my elbows and my wrists are tied to my standing ankle. Martin then adds some punishment to the scene when he places clothes pins to my nipples and my tongue. As I persevere the predicament, he comes at me with the Hitachi and an attachment that’s bound to please. Working my pussy with the wand, getting me to cum while I’m in this gruesome situation would be the ULTIMATE! I explode all over my vibrator with an orgasm so over-the-top, that all my energy is expended into the climax.

Pantyhose Slut Part 3 – Coming Down
Running Time: 10 minutes

After reaching my sexual peak of pleasure, I’m completely wasted! Normally after an episode like this, I’m released right away but Martin decides I look so good, he wants to take his sweet ass time untying me. Very slowly, he removes one piece of rope at a time then takes a step back because he knows how desperately I want out. He starts with the suspended knee, then to the foot that’s attached to my wrists, then watches me struggle to regain my balance. He goes for the ring gag harness, bends me over and unties my elbows, then finally gets to the rest of the rope around my body.

Keep Calm, It’s Just Bondage Part 1 – Chill or Get Violated
Running time: 16 minutes

Topless and sheer nude pantyhose – no heels is my outfit tonight.  My mouth is packed with a large wad of handkerchiefs, my elbows are wrenched, hair is tied, and I’m pulled into a standing, tip-toe position by my hair.  Martin completes the tie by tying my ankles and upper body against the post, then tells me all the bad things he’s going to do to me if I don’t relax.

Keep Calm, It’s Just Bondage Part 2 – Asiana Loses Her Cool
Running time: 14 minutes

Threatening to my ass with the plug if tap out, he dangles the fuck toy in my face as a constant reminder.  As we approach the 25 minute mark, he then places the nipple clamps on my tits and the level of pain I’m in slowly begins to creep on me.  It hurts too much to move or make noise so try my hardest to keep still and remain calm but as time progresses, I start to lose it.  Each second that passes starts to feel like eternity and the more I lose focus, the more I fall apart.  Literally inching to make it to the half hour mark until Martin finally releases me.