Club Asiana Member Update February 24, 2014


This past week was rough on both Martin and I and on top of that, I was not feeling well for a few days but that’s life and the best way to defeat anything that knocks you down is to get back up and keep on going!

Hot new videos were added in our members area. Lots of pain, pleasure, drooling, crying, predicaments, large ball gags, sexy outfits, socks, heels, orgasms, hair pulling, pussy spanking, foot t0rture, and some nakedness! We’re now at 490 videos that are available to download or stream so you watch from your Android or Apple devices, Live shows and monthly giveaways will be back in order begining of next month, crazy busy with all the awesome custom videos, and my socks and pantyhose are selling like candy!!

Here’s what’s new!

Favorite Bondage Position
Running Time: 15 minutes

Hogtied, hair tied, ball gagged, elbows crushed, drooling, moaning, and socks. Tightly tied in this position from end to finish.

Martin’s Special Treat Part 1 – Ball Gagged to Capacity
Running Time: 17 minutes

See-through lingerie, high heels, and naked underneath. I start off with my wrists tied, legs spread, and tied to the pallet. Martin gags my mouth with the 2 1/2″ ball gag (the biggest one we have), and ties me up with a crotch rope tight enough to split me in half. He crushes my elbows together and ties my wrists to my crotch rope and every times he does it, I love it! My legs are already growing tied from my legs being spread so far apart and having to stand in my tall heels. He hooks my elbows up to the winch and hoists me up so that it gets both easier and harder to stand. He takes a step back to admire his work, then comes back in and ties my neck to the ring on the pallet. NOW is satisfied with the position!

Martin’s Special Treat Part 2 – Unwillingly Screwed…Literally
Running Rime: 13 minutes

Legs spread and planted to the pallet, elbows tightly squeezed together that I can literally feel them touching, my elbows are hoisted to the ceiling so high that it’s making me pull tighter on my crotch rope since my wrists are attached to it. I’m drooling over the 2 1/2″ ball gag that’s shoved inside my mouth and I have no choice but to watch the drool hit the pallet because my neck is pulled to the ring. Every part of my body is strained with anguish. Martin sits and takes a smoke break as we negotiate a deal. Because we wants me to go a little longer, he switches up the position a bit and releases the rope that attaches my neck to the pallet, removes the crotch rope, then ties my wrists around my waist. He then comes back the second surprise in his hand – a large dildo attached to a long steel pipe in which he drives inside my pussy while my legs are spread wide, and screws into place. As soon as the dildo is completely inside me and in place, I become straight and still in movement! Martin has done MANY things to me but nothing like this!

Martin’s Special Treat Part 3 – Cumming Like a Dirty Slut
Running Time: 7 minutes

Stiffened by the fear of the dildo going anymore inside me, I’m so afraid to move. Martin approaches me with the Hitachi Magic Wand and works my pussy while I stand my ground. He teases my pussy with the vibrator until I get excited, then pulls it away to make me yearn for more. He does this a few more times but when he gets to the fourth time around, he grabs a handful of hair, pulls my head all the way back and starts whispering for me to cum for him like a dirty little slut while he works the wand more aggressively until I explode all over the dildo that’s jammed into my tiny pussy. The orgasm was so intense that my entire body shook uncontrollably!

Martin’s Special Treat Part 4 – Going Till The End
Running Time: 12 minutes

After cumming extremely hard over a hot combination of a dildo deep inside my pussy, the Hitachi Magic Wand forcefully working my clit, and Martin speaking dirty things into my ear, the orgasm sucked me dry of all my energy. Martin knows I MUST be done but this doesn’t stop him from making me endure some more. Sweaty, fatigued, and out of power, I submit to his request until he decides he wants to let me go.