Club Asiana Live Show January 29, 2015 Part 4 – Semi-Suspended Orgasm
Running Time: 14 minutes

Martin whips me back into shape with the leather cat o’ nine tails while I’m naked and on my toes. Gagged, drooling, and completely stretched out. He let’s me hang for a little bit more, then finishes me off with a orgasm with the Hitachi Magic Wand.

Z‬ip Tied Part 1
Running Time: 15 minutes

It was suggested in the member’s forum that we use zip ties… which we’ve never done before. We were out at a local Harbor Freight, came across them and thought… why not? Martin thought of the perfect position he could put me in to put these things to good use and yeah, in his words, “home run!”. Completely naked and barefoot, mouth stuffed with a wad of handkerchiefs, and held over with zip ties. Perched on top of a cinder block standing on it’s tall side with my ankles, calves, and knees zip tied… elbows, arms, and wrists zip tied… and even towards the end, Martin locks two zip ties around my neck to enhance the position. I loved every minute of it and it’s evident by my reactions as Martin interacts with me during the video. Something we’re usually not a fan of and we both enjoyed it thoroughly!

Z‬ip Tied Part 2
Running Time: 18 minutes

Keeping myself as still as I possibly can, balancing on top of the cinder block. Arms, legs, elbows, and neck bound by zip ties and the two on my neck, so tight that it makes it difficult for me to breathe. Something I love A LOT! Afraid to move, hard to breathe, and mouth stuffed, then held tightly in place with more zip ties! We both love it so much, Martin completes it all with a orgasm which was quite hard for me to achieve because I was so focused on NOT falling. Took me a while to cum, but when I finally did, it was awesome!

Double Fucked Predicament Custom Video Part 1
Running Time: 16 minutes

The challenge to this position is to stand in 6″ stilettos with my hands tied behind my back while I straddle a large dildo that’s mounted on the base below my feet. Looks simple enough, when in fact, the real challenge was that the disc was rotating so it was difficult to balance myself with nothing to hold me upright or lean against. Even while I was able to hold myself still for a few minutes, the height of the heels quickly decreased my ability to stand and there was no way for me to adjust my feet with no leverage. Within minutes, I found myself in a bent position due to the pain in my feet. The more painful it was to stand, the harder it was to balance. 15 minutes into the position, Martin has me kick my heels off and stand on my toes. Here’s hoping this doesn’t make matters worse for me.

Double Fucked Predicament Custom Video Part 2
Running Time: 17 minutes

Naked, spread, hands tied behind my back, and straddling a large dildo between my legs while I stand, bare foot, on small spinning base. Now that I’ve got my heels off, it’s much easier to stand, yet more immobilizing with the dildo being shoved deeper inside me. Martin makes matters worse with an ass hook, then putting my hair into a tight pony tail, and attaching the two together. And when I say balancing was tough during the first 15 minutes, it’s much more difficult now with my head pulled back!

CEO Held For Ransom Custom Video Part Deuce Part 1
Running Time: 20 minutes
Bound and held hostage for days on end… waiting for my company to pay ransom, I awake in the same cold, dark place. One of my abductors comes back in to check on me, but not for my well-being, but to hogtie, torment, and take photos of me. Snapping pictures to send to his boss and reminding me that I am to stay until he is paid. He aggressively plugs my bitchy mouth with a very large ball gag to shut me up, and leaves me once again.

CEO Held For Ransom Custom Video Part Deuce Part 2
Running Time: 17 minutes

Held captive and kept for ransom for days. No feed, no water, and tormented to exhaustion. Still in the same clothes in which I was in, now I’m tied with my hands above my head with my heels still on, skirt pulled above my hips, and my blouse unbuttoned. Large gag to keep me from screaming, nipple clamps on my sensitive tits, and my legs are heavily tied. The same man who was in to check on me is back again for more fun. Taking advantage of my distress, he whips my body with the flogger, expressing his anger for the money he has yet to see. He begins to hang weights on the chain of my nipple clamps for added , gropes and molests me some more, then whips me with the leather tails again. Crying and unable to beg for mercy, he hoists me to the tips of my toes, then ropes my ankles and lifts me off my feet into a full fledged suspension and leaves me there until I’m found by authorities.