Club Asiana Live Show February 26, 2015 Part 1
Running Time: 20 minutes

During tonight’s live show, I’m topless with black-laced stockings, high heels, and a super tiny vinyl skirt. Martin binds my elbows together, then manhandles me for entire 15 minutes straight. Pulling my hair, tossing me around, running his hands all over me, and reminding me who I belong to. He makes me face my ass to the audience with my legs spread while he takes the riding crop to various parts of my body. My legs, calves, tits, stomach, my back, and thighs – just about every where he can get it. After he’s had his fill with that toy, he then punishes me with the flogger – one of my favorites. Once that’s said and done, he shuts me up with a 2″ ball gag, then roughs me up some more. Hands wrapped around my throat, then over my mouth and nose, taking my breath away, then having me spread my legs wide to spank my pussy. Now that he’s got me properly warmed up for the show, he ties my wrists, knees, and ankles together, pulls my neck down to my knees, my hair to my elbows, and puts me into a strict strappado.

Club Asiana Live Show February 26, 2015 Part 2
Running Time: 16 minutes

Strict strappado, ball gagged, drooling, stockings, heels, and my hair pulled back. Martin paddles and flogs me until my flesh is rosy red and torments me some more, then places tweezer clamps on my sensitive nipples to elevate the situation.

Club Asiana Live Show February 26, 2015 Part 3
Running Time: 14 minutes

My arms are almost at a perfect 90 degree angle with my head pulled back, yet at the same time, pulled toward my knees. Tears going, drooling profusely, and trying not to think too much about the clamps on my nipples. Martin just sits back on the chair, puffs on a cigarette, and taunts me with his words while I slowly fall apart. He keeps me like this a good 8 more minutes until he sits me down on the wooden bench – still bound and gagged and now reaching my end. Everything but the rope around my hair and my elbows are untied for the remainder of the show. Martin makes me spread my legs wide to ready myself for a orgasm to complete the hour.

Club Asiana Live Show February 26, 2015 Part 4
Running Time: 21 minutes

Stockings and heels, legs spread, mouth gagged, head back, elbows wrenched, and clamps on my nipples. Almost past an entire hour getting tied and roughed up and Martin finishes… or “I” finish… with a orgasm with the Hitachi Magic Wand. After I cum, Martin handles me heavily some more, then as usual… has me ungag myself and remove my nipple clamps.

Mario’s Live Show Part 1 – Bedroom Postion Reinactment
Running Time: 14 minutes

A private live show for one of our very special members, Mario, tonight. For him, I wore a tight pink dress and high heels. Although I never really know what Martin’s plans are or how he’ll tie me up, right after he tied my wrists together at the front and pulled them back over my head, I quickly learned what he was doing – he had tied me up just nights before this, where my hands were tied, pulled over and behind my head, and secured to the rope around my neck. I LOVED it! He gagged my mouth with one of my favorite gags, pulled my dress down, and put the nipple clamps on me, then tied my ankles together and left me to be. I was drooling like a steady dripping faucet and already straining for air.

Mario’s Live Show Part 2 – Chapter 2
Running Time: 17 minutes

Martin releases my hands and proceeds to bind my elbows but I’m resistant knowing exactly what will happen with the clamps being on my nipples. He brings my elbows together anyway which puts me into a fit, so he has me remove the clamps. When I finally get them off, Martin prepares me for his next position. I take the gag off, Martin shoves a wad of handkerchiefs into my mouth, then wraps me silent with vet wrap. My elbows are tightly squeezed together, clothes pins are pinned onto my nipples, and then I’m to turn in place to display my body.

SundayMario’s Live Show Part 3 – Ready For It All
Running Time: 26 minutes

Elbows, ankles, arms, and wrists cinched together really TIGHT. Mouth packed to capacity and held in place with vet wrap. Martin wants to play a game again. One where he makes me turn myself around in circles without help. My back is arched, clothes pins on my nipples, and my neck completely wrapped in rope. 6 minutes into this scene, I’m to kick one of my heels off and turn with the heel still on the opposite foot. I must admit, it wasn’t easy. After I completed the task, Martin puts clothes pins on my clit, which re-directs all my attention my pussy and NOTHING else.