Club Asiana Member Update February 10, 2014


What an awesome week it was!  Lots of great content we’re excited to have added inside our members area.  Since we’re pretty content with the inside of the members area as well as the exterior of the site, we had more time to play – ALL OVER THE HOUSE and in the playroom.  Some bedroom fun with pantyhose and handcuffs, some punishment in the living room, I get cold busted getting myself off with the vibrator, got worked hard in the playroom, and we even shared with you a little bit of what our Valentines night was like.  This Valentines special clip is one of my personal favorites!  If you still haven’t joined Club Asiana yet, you’re seriously missing out but it’s never too late so here’s the link to join!

Here’s what was recently added:

The Trashy Pantyhose Struggle
Running Time: 14 minutes

Martin had just arrived as I was getting dressed. I initially planned on wearing a sexy mini dress, heels, and hosiery but as soon as I slipped into my pantyhose, I noticed a small run. I was extremely disappointed since I had my heart set on wearing that particular pair so without hesitation, I proceeded to take them off when Martin stopped me in my tracks. He figured I looked delicious just the way I was that he pinned me onto the bed, ran his hands all over my body, and my pantyhosed legs to add to the hole that I was so bent about. With his hand on the back of my head and my face pinned to the bed, he whispered in my ear how fuckin sexy I looked and demanded that I put up a struggle for him like a helpless little slut. Naked in pantyhose and now completely turned on, I immediately go into playtime mode and arch my body in different positions for him knowing that he’s fucking me with his eyes.

Bitch Gets Put In Her Place
Running Time: 19 minutes

When I get home from a long day, the one thing I absolutely cannot stand is coming home to a dirty house. As soon as I walked in, I’m irritated by the fact that Martin is relaxed on the couch, feet up on the table and watching TV. I’m exhausted, I’m hungry, and now I’m angry because I’ve gotta clean and since he was no help, I gotta do it myself. I start vacuuming the living room while he’s got the TV on but at this point I don’t give a – I honestly hope I’m annoying him. Purposely vacuuming under his feet and in front of the TV and next thing you know I’m snatched up and tied on the couch. In his effort to shut me up and teach me a lesson for acting like a little bitch, he puts me in a tight hogtie and stuffs my mouth to capacity with wrap around my head and pulls me over to his lap while he enjoys the rest of the show. Guess I needed to be put in my place.

Asiana Gets Busted With The Hitachi Again
Running Rime: 21 minutes

I love my Hitachi Magic Wand but the problem with this, is that sometimes I can get a little carried away. The fact of the matter is that I’m very much satisfied but whenever I’m alone and I get that urge, I handle my business. I literally work myself too many times that I drain the orgasms right out of body one after another and when Martin has to work his ass off to make me cum later that day, he’s astonished by the amount of time it takes me to finish. Long story short, I made a promise to ease off on the vibrator and save my sexual energy for playtime but tonight, I did it again – AND got busted red-handed! It happened when I came home and seen that he had finished this week’s update with a note on the TV for me to check it out. Right away, I hit play, take a seat and well… watching me tied up and manhandled got me going and since he wasn’t home yet, I went for the wand. I slipped my heels off, spread my legs and got comfortable on the couch. Lifted my skirt and worked the wand over my pantyhose covered pussy. I was in heaven until Martin walked into the living room and startled me! He ties me up on the floor with my ankles tied to my wrists and my ass and pussy in the air as he punishes me for lying to him again.

My Favorite Part 1 – Pussy Punished
Running Time: 16 minutes
Martin punishes my ONE of my favorite parts of my body… my pussy. I’m naked in some hot pink strappy heels, he gags me with a 2″ ball gag, smashes my elbows together, and a tight crotch rope on my pussy. He sits me onto the Red Chair, ties my elbows and feet to it, then hoists my pussy with the electric winch. As I drool all over my stomach, I can’t help but to watch the spit drizzle down to my clit – so sexy. And when Martin ties my neck to my crotch rope, it all went downhill from here.

My Favorite Part Part 2 – Split In Half
Running Time: 22 minutes

Elbows crushed and tied to the back of the chair, ankles tied to the legs, crotch rope between my pussy lips and pulled to the ceiling, ball gag shoved in my mouth and strapped to the very last hole, drenched in my own drool, neck pulled to my pussy, and me just WAITING for the moment where I can’t go any more. Every which way I adjust myself to try and find comfort was only putting myself in more pain than I was already in. Martin knew it was only a matter of time before I needed out so he decided it was appropriate to throw in the nipple clamps to take me to my end. Sure enough, as soon as he put them on, I was aching for relief. 7 minutes in and I was DONE.

Asiana’s Valentine Fantasy Part 1 – Bedroom Submission
Running time: 25 minutes

It’s Valentines Day and everything was perfect. My hair and my make-up was right, I looked great in my outfit, and Martin looked and smelled soooooo delicious. I was in complete bliss with love, romance, and dirty thoughts that when he asked me if I had anything in mind as far as what I wanted to do, I went into a full fledged fantasy. I didn’t want flowers, I didn’t want jewelry, nor did I care to be wined or dined. All that is always a bonus but all I could think of was how much I badly wanted to get home and play. I wanted to get down to business. In my head, I was in deep thought of what the perfect scenario would be for me. Lights dim, candles lit, chocolate covered strawberries, a bouquet of roses, and a bed full of rose petals to set the mood for Valentines Day. I’d be up against the wall dressed in a tight pencil skirt and pointy toe high heels. My elbows would be tied and Martin comes into the scene and tells me to get on my knees and make him hard with just my mouth and I do just as I’m told. I’m excited just at the thought. When I complete my duty, he puts me back against the wall, has me spread my legs, and hikes my skirt to the top of my thighs while he checks just how hot I am between my legs. He then demands that I remain in position while takes the cat-o-nine tails to my ass. After a good whipping, he pulls my very wet panties and shoves them in my mouth while securing them in place with bandage wrap around my head. Making me taste myself is extremely hot to him but even more, to me. With my legs still spread, he drives his fingers into my pussy and then takes those same fingers and rubs my juices all over my panty-gagged mouth – I fall apart in ecstasy. He makes me work my mouth over his pants again, only this time my mouth is packed. He wraps his hand over my nose and mouth and deprives me of air. Out of breath and more hot than ever, he grabs my face and gives me a few slaps. Then he bends me forward, takes a handful of my hair, and through his pants, he rams me from the back KNOWING how much I love this position. He takes the crop to my pussy, delivers some more , finger fucks me again, and just as things start getting explicit, I fade off into another fantasy…

Asiana’s Valentine Fantasy Part 2 – Romantically Hogtied
Running time: 12 minutes

As I slip into another fantasy of mine, I picture myself completely naked and hogtied on my bed covered in red and white rose petals. My elbows are welded together, my ankles are tied, a tight crotch rope adds to the pleasure and pain, and my mouth is gagged with rope. What I envisioned in this particular fantasy is Martin and I coming from our Valentines Day evening, him stripping me down against my will, throwing me on the bed, and tying me up in a strict enough to struggle helplessly. I’m rolling around and twisting my body in various sexy positions making sure to arch my back so that he can see my ass in the air, my tits out, and my pretty little feet arched. My goal is to get his cock hard while he watches squirming around and moaning through my gag. I then imagine him coming in and pulling up on my pussy rope as he softly touches me all over, getting me worked up, then pulling away and denying me of pleasure. The scenario plays over and over in my head until Martin finally gets my attention and I snap out of my dream. A bit embarrassed that I had spaced out for so long, I smirk to myself and humbly ask that all I wanted for Valentines Day was some chocolates.