Asiana Demolished Part 1 – Barefoot, Standing, Back Arched, Position
Running Time: 15 minutes

Martin demolishes my well-being again with another standing, feet together, elbows behind the back, neck tied to the post, position. I’m barefoot on the platform, against the post, wearing tight jeans and a sexy bra. Back arched from my arms being secured to the post, and an inflatable penis gag pumped to capacity in my mouth to contribute to the discomfort I’m about to experience. With the gag inflated as wide as my tiny mouth can take, topped with a neck rope strapped to the post, my brain can hardly focus on anything else but trying to get some air. Already in distress, Martin unzips my pants, pulls my tits over my bra, and clamps my nipples. Here we go…

Asiana Demolished Part 2 – Affliction At It’s Finest
Running Time: 14 minutes

As the situation worsens, it gets harder for me to handle. Already crippled in anguish, Martin begins to add weights to the chain of the nipple clamps. The more he adds, the tougher to maintain. He adds a couple more weights and a squeeze to the inflatable penis gag occupying my mouth has got the tears going in my eyes. My breaths are becoming labored, my back is starting to sweat, and then I start to writhe around in place, in search of any kind of comfort I can find. After 25 minutes, Martin swaps out gags for his favorite red one – strapping it tightly from my face, all the way around the entire post.

Asiana Demolished Part 3 – Chain Reaction
Running Time: 24 minutes

With me having to stand with my knees in a slightly bent position while my elbows touch behind me… back arched to a great degree, tits out with weighted nipple clamps pulling down on each sensitive nipple, and my head pinned against the post in an extremely awkward position… the part I despised the most, was that I knew I had lipstick smeared all over my mouth. I was a MESS. My mouth gagged with the ball strapped to around my head and over the post ate away at me faster than I had expected and this is what made Martin love it the most. Then comes the end where I am released from my bonds where you’d expect that there’d be no better feeling that to be untied but after being tied for long periods of time, that’s not the case. As each element of affliction is removed, all else becomes magnified. First the ball gag comes off, and then I focus on the ring screwed into the post that pokes at the back of my head, and my arms are starting to feel as though they’re on fire. Martin starts to untie my knees and ankles, then unties my arms and elbows and now it becomes the tits that hurt. When my arms are released, the pain sets in on the nipples and I want nothing more than to remove them but have absolutely no ability to do so since my hands are not in a functional state. Finally when hands gain sensation back, the last thing left is to get the clamps off my nipples, which take me anywhere between 10-15 minutes.

Two Orgasms Exhausts Asiana Part 1 – Eager To Cum
Running Time: 20 minutes

The scene begins with me partially tied – legs spread in a standing position with my legs spread and feet secured to the platform, arms pulled back with my elbows bound around the post, mouth stuffed with a wad of handkerchiefs along with rope around my face and neck, and a vibrating Hitachi teasing my pussy. Martin moves my bikini top to the side so my tits are out, puts nipple clamps on my tits, and turns the vibrator on high. Very slowly and progressively, he adds weights to the chain of the nipple clamps until I cum and even after I do, he keeps the Hitachi going while he continues to taunt at my body. The rope gag and neck rope is removed, along with the wad of cloth, and then replaced with clothes pins to occupy my tongue.

Two Orgasms Exhausts Asiana Part 2 – OMG!
Running Time: 27 minutes

Going in for my second orgasm, I’m literally in drenched in my own drool, sweat, and body limp from exhaustion. I felt as though there was absolutely no way I’d cum again… NO WAY… but I had no choice. My legs were spread and weak, my arms (I’m sure, were purple by now), nipple burning from the weighted clamps, and my tongue trembling from the clothes pins clamped down on them, making me drool all over myself. At first, the vibrator was almost somewhat bothersome to my overly sensitive clit, but this wasn’t stopping Martin from another one out of me tonight. He tightened down the Hitachi with extra tape since I had moved it out of place from grinding my pussy on it, and kept at me – working me with it and feeling me up with his other hand. Slowly but surely, the vibrator went from a pesky buzz to a pleasing tingle, which then resulted in one amazing orgasm! I must say, this position was one of my new favorites. 😀

Club Asiana Live Show October 16, 2014 Part 1 – Rocky Start
Running Time: 14 minutes

Tonight’s live show didn’t quite go as planned. We anticipate that everything will go smooth and stress free but that just wasn’t the case tonight. Despite the technical difficulties in the beginning, we were finally able to get things moving. Martin ties me up immediately. Naked in stockings and heels, ball gag in my mouth, nipple clamps, elbows bound, rope around my chest, and arms hoisted to the ceiling. I find myself standing in position, hurting, waiting, and having to endure the pain while tends to the technical aspect of the live show. This seemed to go on for me, for a really long time… so long that I ended up needing to be untied. The frustration and stress took a serious toll on the live show but after a moment of gathering, we quickly got back to it and moved forward – tying me up again. This time, with the 2 1/2″ ball gag , clothes pins on my pussy, weighted nipple clamps, along with welded elbows.

Club Asiana Live Show October 16, 2014 Part 2 – The Show Must Go On
Running Time: 15 minutes

Once we started up again, things seemed to be rolling along. We pick up with my mouth gagged with a 2 1/2″ ball gag, hair pulled back to my arms, weighted nipple clamps on my tits, and me drooling all over the place. Martin forces me to stand with my legs spread as he works me with the dildo attachment on the wand, and just as I begin to get excited, he pulls out and denies me, then adds more weight to the chain of the nipple clamps. I’m brought to my knees by the heaviness of the chain and all I could do is squat in position, trying everything to keep my movements as minimal as possible. Martin then stands me up, brings my arms to the ceiling, my head to my arms, my neck to my knees, then steps back while he watches me fall apart.