Club Asiana Live Show November 20, 2014 Part 4 – Protesting Through My Gag
Running Time: 15 minutes

During the last 15 minutes of the live show, we end with my wrists and ankles tied down to the red chair. Face pulled down to my knees, crotch rope tightly around my pussy, and elbows pressed together. I suffer and moan, and protest through my excessively packed mouth but all that comes out are muffled screams and this goes on, all the way until the end. Then of course, after Martin unties me, he wants me to unveil the bandage around my face, remove the duct tape, pull the wad of handkerchiefs in my mouth, untie my ankles, and then my crotch rope. Great show!

Dildo Impalement Predicament Part 1 – Asiana’s In For a Delightful Treat
Running Time: 16 minutes

Prior to tonight’s event, Martin had a position in mind when I walked into the studio to see what he was putting together, I just smile. Needless to say, I jumped right into helping him build whatever it was he was building. I could only assume, from what I could see, was that later on, I’d be straddling that dildo on the bench. Fast forwarding to play time, Martin stands me up on two cinder blocks, naked and spread while he binds my elbows together, slides the dildo predicament contraption under and between my legs, then lowers me down until the dildo is fully inside me. The cinder blocks are then pulled away and my ankles are tied to the sides of the bench, Martin pulls me into a backward arch and ties my wrists to the end so that I rest all my body weight on my hands, and nicely snug rope is looped around my neck and pulled to my wrists. To finish the do, nipple clamps are added to the final touch, 16 minutes into the game and I’m already struggling with the position!

Dildo Impalement Predicament Part 2 – Teased In The Worse Way Possible
Running Time: 15 minutes

16 minutes into the legs spread, elbows wrenched, leaning backwards, ankles tied at each end, neck tied, nipple clamped, ball gagged, drooling, and impaled by the dildo while Martin rigs the Hitachi right in front of me. I was in so much discomfort and you’d THINK that even with all that’s going on, you would enjoy a dildo inside you but that just isn’t the case when you’re tied in such a way. It’s almost as if your mind tells you that what’s going on is pure punishment, therefore you don’t see the dildo as pleasure but discomfort. An added element to everything else that’s happening. Martin straps the wand just in reach of my pussy and turns it on low. I want so badly to push up against it but to move my hips even an inch was just too much to bare. The vibrations were so low that it was a constant tease! I was in such a fucked up predicament it was wild! It took every bit of my energy to reach the wand and when I did, I pushed hard to try and keep the spot but because the angle of the head wasn’t where I needed it to be, it would slide out of my reach again anytime I’d unintentionally slip backward. This went on the ENTIRE TIME.

Dildo Impalement Predicament Part 3 – Torturous Orgasm
Running Time: 25 minutes

Martin drips hot candle wax on my stomach and all around my pussy… all while the Hitachi teases me on a low setting vibration. Leaning back with my legs spread in an uncomfortable position and a dildo inside me. I want so badly to orgasm but the discomfort of my situation enables me to. More wax is dripped onto me and when Martin adjusts the head of the wand and sets it on high, I push up against it and try to bring myself to cum again. Finally hitting the right spot, I can feel my body quiver as I reach climax but just as I do, the head slips downward and lose my orgasm! So fucking close!!!! At this point, I BEG for sexual release… now in even more pain and having to start the process over again, it takes me a good five minutes and I explode into a screaming finish.

The Hogtie That Resulted From Being a Cock Tease
Running Time: 17 minutes

After being tied up for a live show we did inside the members area, we continued on to our routine… went straight into the office to upload the content into the computer for future editing. Still stimulated from the hour long bondage, I was all over Martin as usual while he was on the other computer. He went into the playroom and came back with some rope and a ball gag. What you don’t see in the video is the on-screen tying. My elbows, the ball gag going into my mouth, the crotch rope getting tightened around my pussy, getting onto my stomach on top of the coffee table, my arms and legs being pulled together, and finally my head being yanked back to my elbows. What you see, is 17 minutes of a 30-minute hogtie. Once I was bound and gagged, Martin pulls my dress down so my tits are out and I lay there in silence… taking it all in. The position was so good that Martin grabbed the GoPro and started recording after he seen how serious my reaction was. Golden…

Ready For Action Part 1 – Change Of Plans
Running Time: 20 minutes

Martin was originally going to put me in a hogtied on top of the bench. He started off with the usual elbows together and followed it with a mouth-packing with three handkerchiefs and some wrap to hold it all in place. This is when things quickly took a turn for the worse for me because he wrapped my mouth SO TIGHT that I just couldn’t handle it. He continued tying me up with a chest harness and then puts me on the bench. All the while I move my try and push the wad forward and off my throat but I hardly had any room to do so, so Martin switches me out with the 2 1/2″ ball gag, ties me up with a one-piece crotch rope, and has me straddle the bench. I did as I was told, only it wasn’t exactly what he was looking for but what I did, only gave him a better idea for position. With my legs spread and my entire upper body resting face first on the bench, Martin straps my neck down, brings both feet back and ties them down to the legs of the bench and leaves me on display.

Ready For Action Part 2 – Crazy Fuck
Running Time: 26 minutes

Face and upper torso plated to the bench while my knees are bent and my ankles are tied to the legs. Arms pulled up, neck strapped to the board, with the last tie-down being my ass hiked to the ceiling by the crotch rope. Gagged on a 2 1/2″ ball and drooling with the spit having no where to go but collect beneath my cheek. Such an intense position for me that I did not want to speak, nor was it easy to. Needless to say, it was not easy for me.