Club Asiana Live Show November 6, 2014 Part 1 – Fear Factor
Running Time: 16 minutes

Another live show to night. Me in a black and red, laced lingerie dress – one that was sent to me by a very appreciated member, and some red and black, 6″ strappys from another special member. Legs spread while Martin binds my elbows, stuffs my mouth with my panties, then held in place with duct tape, then placed on top of a cinder block. One of the scariest positions to me, personally. I’m to stand up with my feet together while bound at the ankles and knees. Tits out, screaming and crying beneath my mouth-packing gag, and in complete terror. My level of fear is at an all-time high and the fact that Martin continues to do things to me only adds to that element. He wraps my mouth with bandage, making the gag even TIGHTER. Sweating, trying to concentrate on NOT falling, and I’m crying so hard, it’s hard to breathe normally. Only 15 minutes into the live show and I’m a complete mess!

Club Asiana Live Show November 6, 2014 Part 2 – Live Show Interval
Running Time: 14 minutes

Ball gagged strapped to the last hole, drooling, crying, wet, topless, and standing on top of a cinder block in 6″ heels. Face full of tears, and in fear of falling and begging to get off. Martin makes me stay planted on the block for another 5 minutes until he brings me to a sitting position. Clamps to my nipples, some more freezing, cold water to wet my skin, and a crying, drooling, painful intermission. After a short break to rest my legs, Martin brings my face to my knees, then attaches rope from my ankles, through the cinder block, and then to my wrists so that I’m one with the block.

Club Asiana Live Show November 6, 2014 Part 3 – One With The Block
Running Time: 21 minutes

30 minutes into the live show. Body wet, sweating from the pain, drooling all over my legs while I sit, in an almost immobilizing tie to the cinder block, and sobbing uncontrollably. Martin removes my gag so I can verbalize my suffering. I squirm in anguish and tell him how much it hurts and with no mercy, he gags me again with the same, wet, 2″ ball gag that was just in my mouth. After a while, Martin gives me another down-time by untying me and having me remove my heels. Then he stands me back up on the cinder block, ties my wrists above my head to ready me for the finale of the show.

Club Asiana Live Show November 6, 2014 Part 4 – Suspended Orgasm
Running Time: 11 minutes

Started the live show with the cinder block… ending the live show with the cinder block. Cinder block that’s kicked from underneath my bare feet so I’m left in a complete suspension. Searching for something, anything that I can grab hold to with my feet. Martin places two cinder blocks a couple feet apart so I have no choice but to spread my legs as wide as possible so that I can reach each one with the very tips of my toes. Suspended and spread while Martin works my pussy with the wand until he forces me to cum. Probing his fingers inside me over and over until I reach a squirting orgasm.

Club Asiana Live Show November 20, 2014 Part 1 – Re-Kindling The Past
Running Time: 14 minutes

It had been a while since Martin put me in one of those shoulder-breaking, knees shaking, neck straining strappado… the kind where he lifts me off the ground by my arms and the back of my heels are in the air. So tonight, he had plans. Plans to take me back to that place and luckily for this particular night, it was all going to take place during the live show. (Little did I know) I wore a tight, black, tube top dress, no panties, and a pair of super tall platform heels. Martin starts me off by crushing my elbows together, then packing my mouth with 3 handkerchiefs followed by duct tape to keep me from pushing it out with my tongue, and then a wrap around with ace bandage to make sure that wad was nice and tight inside. He has me spread my legs while he puts a tight crotch rope on my with ONE piece of rope, pulls my arms as high as they could possibly go, then finishes me off with the crotch rope to the ceiling! PERFECT!

Club Asiana Live Show November 20, 2014 Part 2 – Aiming For Discomfort
Running Time: 13 minutes

We continue the live show with my crushed elbows hoisted to the ceiling and my pussy rope nearly splitting me in half as it’s attached to my wrists. My upper body is bent forward and I’m so high up on my toes that I can hardly stay in one place. Martin sees how tough of a time I’m having in the strappado and it only feeds into his mood to hurt me, so he hits the switch on the hoist and brings me higher. Now my heels are off the ground and the only way for me to move or keep moving is the grab the concrete with the platform of my heel, and slowly turn myself around. to showcase my body while suffering a great deal. All I can feel, is the one piece of rope used to punish my pussy. The weaker I grew, the more weight was put into the crotch rope and the higher my arms bent back. Martin brings me down a notch but only so that he can bring my legs into a slight bend. I’m tied at the ankles, and then my face is brought down to my knees. while the binds on my wrists and my crotch rope were untied, then re-tied TIGHTER.

Club Asiana Live Show November 20, 2014 Part 3 – Strict Schedulet
Running Time: 17 minutes

Elbows tied and arms hoisted, head bent forward with my neck tied to my slightly bent knees, nipple clamps biting down on my tits, with a very tight crotch rope hanging me from the ceiling. Martin teases me with the chair knowing how badly I want to get off my feet but doesn’t let me sit without leaving me hangin’ for another minute or two. He sits me down, secures my wrists to the back of the chair, my ankles to the base, then brings my face closer to my knees for another uncomfortable position.