Club Asiana Member Update April 28, 2014

Bondage and Pantyhose Part 1 – Tight Everything!
Running Time: 18 minutes

Barefoot, topless, and a pair of sheer nude pantyhose. Elbows tied, mouth gagged, arms and elbows raised to the ceiling with a neck rope pulled back to my elbows. Martin ties a crotch rope around my ass and pussy and ties the end to my wrists to make sure I stay on my toes. After making me do a few turns in place, he whips my ass with the flogger just enough to get a bright red color on cheeks. A tight pony tail is then tied at the top of my head, then pulled back as far as possible to my elbows. And here come the drool and tears….

Bondage and Pantyhose Part 2 – Submissive Toy
Running Time: 15 minutes

Still in the same predicament, Martin makes me maneuver myself in a full circle so he can get a good look at every angle. Mouth gagged and drool dripping to the floor, making a trail that outlines the circle I’m to turn. Pony tail, elbows, neck rope, and crotch rope wrenched back and tied to the hoist, and nipple clamps on my tits. With no choice but to move myself around on my toes, Martin makes matters worse by tying my ankles together and makes me circle a few more times until tears start coming down my face. I love the things he makes me do and he loves that he can treat me like his little bondage toy. He finally unties me only to smash my elbows so that they’re tightly pressed together. He adjusts the neck rope and ties my pony tail to the hoist so I’m pulled to my toes again by my hair.

Bondage and Pantyhose Part 3 – Tuckered Out
Running Time: 13 minutes

As my elbows are pressed together behind my back, a rope around my neck, mouth open by a 2″ ball gag, and hair holding me up by the pony tail, I quickly learn what Martin’s next move will be. He makes me spread my pantyhosed legs so they’re nice and wide and I’m on my toes. He works my pussy with the Hitachi Magic Wand until I cum all over myself and just when I think that for sure he’ll untie me this time, he leaves me there to gather myself together. Exhausted, weak, and out of breath, standing in place on my toes was a task more difficult than I expected. 5 minutes more, is what he wants, and 5 minutes more is what he got.

Martin’s Play Thing Part 1 – Struttin’ My Stuff
Running Time: 16 minutes

Though I tend to have a very domineering personality in real life, I am complete submissive when it comes to Martin during play time. The moment I’m tied or even times I am not, I become his submissive little slut – his toy – his muse. Anything and everything he wants to do or wants me to do, he gets. Tonight he wanted something a little different from the usual… this time he wanted me to work. Matching bra and panties, short, tight, daisy dukes, and super high, platform heels was my choice of wardrobe for him tonight and he LOVE it! He ties me – elbows, wrists, crotch, and the biggest ball gag we own. He starts off by having me do things to show myself off like making me stand in place and spread my legs for him nice and wide. Bent over and waiting for his next command. After having a good look at this nice piece of ass, he makes me strut my stuff across the room, tied in heels – back and fourth a few times until he’s had enough. I think he really just wanted to watch me walk in this heels. Either way, I love when he makes me do things!

Martin’s Play Thing Part 2 – Spread
Running Time: 18 minutes

After making me strut my stuff in my high platform heels with my elbow tied, mouth gagged, and crotch rope tied to my neck, Martin figures that was far too easy for me so he puts nipple clamps on my tits, adds a couple weights to the chain, and has me walk back and fourth across the room again. Once I complete my task, he takes grants me (what he considers) a rest period from walking around in my heels. He hoists my crotch rope to the ceiling and has me keep my legs spread while he cracks the crop on the tender parts of my body. When he finally lowers my crotch rope, he has me sit on a chair with my legs spread until he prepares for the next devious thing he wants to do to me.

Martin’s Play Thing Part 3 – Sex Stance
Running Time: 16 minutes

Sitting on the chair with my legs spread wide, tweezer clamps on my nipples with weights for added discomfort, crotch rope tightly hiked up my pussy, mouth gagged with me drooling all over myself, and elbows tied behind my back. Martin has me sit sexy for a bit and then has me stand so he can wrench my elbows together. He asks me to get into a position as if I were inviting him to fuck me from behind so I get into my sex stance. Legs spread, ass up, back arched, and bent forward. Waiting on him to come behind and take me from the back. This is how he wants me until I’ve had enough.

Split Challenge Progress Week 1 Part 1 – The Beginning To Great Things!
Running Time: 17 minutes

For those who follow us on Twitter or FetLife, you may already know that I have started what I call my “Split Challenge”. My goal is to teach myself how to do the splits for many reasons. Besides the obvious, I’d love to give Martin new and exciting ways to tie me in ways he never has. It has only been one week but I’ve practiced daily and from what I’ve shown Martin, he’s already gotten ideas from the progress I’ve made. Tonight, he remembered one of the stretches I did and decided to incorporate that into our play time. He props me up on top of the new pain table and gets me in the position I showed him earlier that day. With one leg extended behind me and the other, bent in front, he ties me up just the way I am while adding a few more things to kick it up. Crotch rope to my naked ass and pussy, elbows pressed together, feet secured to the table, and then he packs my tiny mouth with a huge wad of handkerchiefs!