Club Asiana Member Update April 14, 2014

Big thanks to everyone who remembered my April 17th birthday. Asiana made sure to keep our Twitter followers reminded for at least a week before, followed by daily updates… LOL! Let me serve as an inspiration to all men. Even at 47 years old I have managed to keep  a woman, 16-years my junior, completely satisfied and contented. Yeah, I’m referring to the gorgeous Asiana Starr! Anyway, thanks everyone!

There’s 3 places on Asiana’s body that I truly love punishing… her super ass, her luscious mouth, and that delicious pussy! And when all 3 are abused simultaneously it makes for a great time for me. This week features a video entitled “Pussy Breaking Hogtie” that has all 3 of those elements. As you can imagine, taking all 3 of those elements and then adding a hogtie is the perfect recipe for a fantastic video!

A little trivia for you this week. A fan asks the question: “Who comes up with the titles of your videos?”. The answer may surprise you… or maybe it won’t. Asiana is responsible for coming up with the video titles. But really, how fuckin sexy is it when a woman as smokin’ hot as Asiana comes up with the titles “My Cock Teasing Outfit Entices Martin” and “Martin T0rment’s His Sex Toy” and “Bitch Gets Put In Her Place”. There are a few times where I will come up with the name of the video while we’re actually shooting it. Such as last week when I announced on camera that we should name a video “Hunting For Comfort”. That came about because Asiana was so uncomfortable that she kept trying to adjust herself. Therefore “Hunting For Comfort” came to mind. So there you have you answer!

Enjoy this week’s updates!


Hunting For Comfort Part 2 – Frogtie on Steroids
Running Time: 22 minutes

Pussy rope tight, legs frog tied, elbow together, clamps on my nipples, ball gag making me drool uncontrollably, neck rope me, and my legs painfully giving out on me as time progresses. I struggle to find comfort and finally managed to kick my heels off but what I thought would help me out, only made my situation worse because the little bit of height my shoes gave me was removed when I put myself on to stand on my feet. The rope around my neck became tighter and now I was in even more trouble! What have I done!?

Socks and Bondage Part 1 – A Nice, Fat, Wad For Asiana’s Mouth
Running Time: 18 minutes

Wife beater, no bra, boy shorts, and socks. Tied up tight with a large wad of handkerchiefs jammed in my tiny mouth. Martin wanted to make sure I wasn’t as loud as I was the night before and filling my mouth to capacity was a sure-fire way to do so. Elbows crushed, vet wrap around my mouth, knees and ankles tied, ass and pussy roped, with my wrists pulled down to the back of my knees bringing my body to a full, sexy arch. Martin rips my wife beater, giving him access to my tits. He gives them a few smacks and tweaks while he’s at it, then finishes then wraps me up with a rope harness.

Socks and Bondage Part 2 – Twilight Wand Takes The Win
Running Time: 15 minutes

20 minutes in, elbows remain tightly welded, rope harness, mouth packed to the max with my legs and ankles tied together and now Martin adds the noose. Matters are much worse now that I’ve got to balance myself on my toes and whenever I sway about, the noose around my neck gets tighter. All of a sudden, he does the unexpected and gets me with the clover clamps again…. no wonder he used the handkerchiefs and vet wrap to keep me silent!! He demands I shut up and take it and all the while I notion a tap-out. Repeatedly nodding my head until he removes them. My face turned completely dark red from the pain and inability to move or scream but no worries because he replaces the clovers with the tweezer clamps. After 35 minutes of torment, Martin breaks out the Twilight Wand which we haven’t used in months and delivers some electro zaps to my sensitive nipples and then my pussy and very soon after, I was drained of all my energy. The wand literally sucked the LIFE outta me!

Pussy Breaking Hogtie Part 1 – Sliced in Half
Running Time: 16 minutes

Three of Martin’s favorite things – punishing my mouth with a 2 1/2″ ball gag, ass and pussy punished by an excruciatingly tight crotch rope, and my nakedness. One of my personal favorite positions – being hogtied. Combine these elements and put them together and we’ve hit, what Martin calls, a “home run!” Rope harness around my chest and arms, and laid out on the table, then gags me with the 2 1/2″ ball gag. I’m flipped onto my stomach and Martin ties a crotch rope on me SO TIGHT that I’m pretty sure this was the tightest it’s ever been. He ties my ankles and my size 5 1/2 bare feet, grabs for the rope connected to my rope harness, takes my crotch rope, and attaches all three pieces and ties them to the winch. Martin hoists me nearly off the table while my only focus is the thin piece of rope slicing into my pussy as it holds my body weight. Finishing me up, he puts my hair in a ponytail and pulls my head back to the winch as well.

Pussy Breaking Hogtie Part 2 – From One Position To The Next
Running Time: 17 minutes

With my back completely arched by the crotch rope holding my ass in the air so high, my tits smashed against the table, feet tied ridiculously tight that they’re turning purple, mouth throbbing from being wrenched open, arms going numb from the rope cutting off my circulation, and my head hurting from my hair being tied and pulled back… I knew I wasn’t going any longer. Sure enough, I call it quits soon after but instead of untying me, he releases just my arms and feet, then pulls my head back and ties it to my crotch rope causing that huge ball gag to slip further down my mouth and unable to focus on anything else but that!

Bondage Games Part 1 – Obedient or Not, Punishment is The End Result
Running Time: 18 minutes

Martin and I love bondage and one way to keep it interesting is make it a game. While my elbows are crushed and yanked to the ceiling, complete with a gagged mouth, overly tight crotch rope attached to my neck, ankles crossed, and in perfect strappado position, Martin makes me turn in place 5 times while counting out loud. I know what happens when I don’t comply so I do exactly what he tells me and I do it in a timely matter but what does he do? Pulls my dress down and clamps my tits! I thought good girls are suppose to get rewarded for good behavior?!

Bondage Games Part 2 – The Orgasm That Took Too Long
Running Time: 25 minutes

With everything going on – clamps on my nipple with weights hanging from the chain, gag strapped tight around my face, elbows squeezed together and arms pulled high, the pain was overshadowing my ability to cum when Martin put the wand to my pussy. It took me a while to mentally think past the anguish but as soon as he tied my hair and pulled it back to my elbows, had me spread my legs and work me again, apparently that was what I was jonesin’ for… more torment. I came soon after and when I did, it was quite the feeling!