Club Asiana Live Show March 26, 2015 Part 2 – The Trade Off
Running Time: 16 minutes

Rocking myself forward, then rocking myself back in order to find a comfortable spot for me to handle the position that much longer. That wasn’t working, so I’d rock side to side in desperation for comfort. My thighs were burning and my hair was getting soaked as it repeatedly got dragged over the large puddle of spit on the table. I’m in complete discomfort and Martin is relaxed and smoking a cigarette – enjoying the scene. I’m crying so hard, my nose starts to stuff up and I cannot breathe. Martin ungags me but makes sure that I DO NOT ask to be untied while the continuation of my hunt for comfort goes on. After quite some time, Martin alters the position by straightening out my legs and tying my neck to my knees, then hoisting my arms higher, then ties my hair to my elbows and places a clothes pin on my tongue to keep me from speaking.

Club Asiana Live Show March 26, 2015 Part 3 – Martin’s Slut
Running Time: 14 minutes

Elbows crushed and hoisted, ankles tied together, neck pulled down to my knees, hair tied to my arms, and a single clothes pin on my tongue to keep me from speaking. I hold this position for another few minutes until Martin unties me and forces me over to the platform – in a kneeling position with my hair secured to a hook for minimal movement and my throat tied to the post. This is where I stay until the end of the show.

30 Minutes. No Less Part 1 – Getting What I Asked For
Running Time: 17 minutes

The plan for tonight was to relax and hang out… take the night to watch a movie… but things quickly changed when I requested to be tied up – naked, bare foot, and hogtied. I asked, so Martin delivered. As soon as we got home, Martin head straight into the studio where I followed shortly after, after getting undressed and walking in completely naked and ready. Right down to business it was – elbows and wrists, ankles crotch rope, and ball gag. On top of the pain table where I was to stay for as long as Martin wanted.

30 Minutes. No Less Part 2 – Finding My Place
Running Time: 15 minutes

Moaning and crying, tensing my body, then picking my face up off the spit-flooded table, then dropping it back down into the puddle. In a anguish, anxiously waiting for my time of release. Several times before my time is up, I scream and beg to be untied but Martin holds his ground. He’s got a number in mind and he’s sticking to it – no matter what! Martin wraps rope around my neck to restrict my breathing and it’s almost as if the rope around my torso has gotten tighter as well. My hands are beginning to hurt and the intensity of the tie is starting to really push me to my limit. I holler out in pain again as Martin sternly reminds me that I will not be untied until I’ve hit my time. The best ones, are always when I’m pushed off the edge!

Bondage Trifecta Part 1 – The Best $18 Ever Spent
Running Time: 16 minutes

Martin and I had been talking about using a chair mat, flipped upside down as a form of punishment on my feet for months. Problem was, we couldn’t find one we had in mind. Everywhere we looked, they were either too flimsy or cheap, or one that was not sharp enough. When we stumbled upon this one, it couldn’t have been more perfect and it after tonight, we learned it was the best $18 spent! Martin had a vision and I wanted it! Naked and bare foot, hands above my head with a tight torso and crotch rope, gagged and drooling. Once Martin lifted me off the ground, I knew I was in trouble. Being suspended and held in the air by just my wrists is a pain that’s tough to bare even for a couple minutes. While my feet were off the ground, Martin slides the mat under me, then lowers me onto it. The spikes were so sharp, I tip-toed around each one as carefully as I could, trying hard to avoid them all. Not sure if it was a good or bad thing that I was so high off my feet. If I wanted up, my wrists hurt, if I wanted down, my feet hurt. I was punished either way and I didn’t know what I wanted.

Bondage Trifecta Part 2 – #Truth
Running Time: 15 minutes

After Martin had placed the last clothe pin on my pussy, the combination of my wrists, my feet, and everything else causing pain, I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted the weight of my body relieved off my hands, yet I didn’t want my feet on the mat. It felt like it went on for a long time and the only reason (again), Martin let me down was because I had lost control.

Club Asiana Live Show April 9, 2015 Part 1 – The Past Re-Visited
Running Time: 14 minutes