Inside Club Asiana you’ll find over 1,500 of our original bondage videos – available to stream AND download.

The beautiful Asiana Starr personally updates Club Asiana constantly throughout the week with new content. And we don’t just dump videos from our cameras to the website; every video is edited to perfection by Asiana personally.

Martin Williams


I promise you have NEVER experienced a bondage website like what we’ve developed for you inside Club Asiana! We have 4 Live Streaming cameras throughout our house – including our office. At any given time members can see Martin tie me up – in the office, in the playroom, or in the bedroom. Oh, and we have 5 still cams throughout the house that are live 24/7 and update every 60-seconds with a 1280×720 photo. You can see a full-size updated image here. A Live interactive chat box and a Live interactive ShoutBox is on every page of Club Asiana so that you can communicate real-time with me while I’m in the office 8+ hours a day!

No other bondage website does this!

Club Asiana Members Watch Live Bondage Events every week! No big crew.

No director. No trick photography. No breaks. 1-hour of Martin Williams DESTROYING me!

Watch it LIVE in HD on your mobile device or computer!

We deliver a World Class experience to Club Asiana members. No other bondage site offers what we do… NO ONE!

Asiana Starr